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The Importance Of Time Management For A Successful Career

Published: Tuesday 19th November 2019

Time is money, right? Whether we assign a certain value to it or not, time management can definitely contribute to building a successful career. Think about it: How much of your typical work week do you spend stressing about not having enough time to complete a task or meet a deadline?

Tablet screen displaying a time management concept

If you’re looking for ways to tackle this issue, for sure there are plenty out there, such as time management apps, adjusting your sleep time or creating efficiency lists. However, if you don’t fully understand, why it’s important, none of the above will help you reach your goals. Getting a better grasp on the importance of time management will give you this extra bit of motivation to set your plan in motion effectively!

5 Reasons why time management is crucial for your career

Take a look at the bigger picture to get a handle on what you stand to gain from it:

Time is limited: No matter how you slice it, there are only 24 hours in a day and that’s all there’s ever going to be! So, what really matters is how you go about it, If you want to rise through the ranks. That means you have to acknowledge the importance of finding ways to manage this limited resource.

Sand running through the bulbs of an hourglass measuring the passing time in a countdown to a deadline

You can accomplish more with less effort: By managing to take control of your time, your ability to focus improves. This results in increased efficiency since you don’t lose momentum. The more you work on it, the better you’ll get to breeze through tasks quickly.

You can improve your decision-making ability: One of the greatest benefits of good time management is the ability to make better decisions based on careful consideration. When you feel pressed for time, it’s more likely to jump to conclusions without fully considering every option. On the other hand, through effective time management, you can eliminate this pressure, feeling calmer and in control. In doing so, you’ll be able to take time whilst carefully considering each option, minimising your chances of making a bad decision.

Time Management Chart

Become more successful by getting noticed: Time management is the key to success. It enables you to take control of your life instead of following the flow of others. By improving your decision-making ability and accomplishing more each day, you’ll feel more confident and leaders will notice. Your line managers at work will start turning on you when they need to get things done. This exposure will attract more advancement opportunities your way.

Reduce stress & enhance self-discipline: When you have no control of your time, it’s easy to end up feeling overwhelmed. Once you learn how to manage your time, you no longer subject yourself to that level of stress. In doing so, you’re better able to estimate how long each task will take you, feeling confident you’ll meet your deadlines. In addition, good time management leaves you no room for procrastination. Therefore, the better you get, the more self-disciplined you become. This is a valuable skill as the lack of it might end up keeping you from achieving your life goals.

Attractive suited man checking the time on the watch while using laptop and drinking coffee

5 Tips to improve your time management skills

Get Organised: By getting yourself organised you’ll have a clear picture of what you need to complete and when. You can achieve that through maintaining an up-to-date calendar, having a tidy environment and through taking detailed notes for any upcoming new tasks. Maintaining a record will also help you to keep track of where your time goes.

Say NO: You can’t do everything! And while saying yes might seem easier at times, handing out a few “no” answers is crucial, when it comes to maintaining a balanced workload and controlled use of time.

Prioritise Tasks: Make sure you review regularly your projects and “to-do” list to rank tasks by priority. You can start by completing the things you must finish first. Others of lesser importance can be tackled later. By prioritising key tasks and completing them first, you can ensure you get to them while you’re still fresh. This also lets you have the time and energy to get the most important things out of the way.

SMART goals - Illustration

Start Delegating: Having the ability to judge which tasks will help you and your company accomplish goals, will save you time. While this is most often up to the managers, you can also delegate when managing a project. Being able to rely on a team effort and your colleagues will help you breeze through tasks quicker and enhance team spirit.

Tread carefully on multitasking: It may seem like a great way to manage workload, but it might also decrease your productivity. If you multitask especially when undertaking big projects, you may end up starting but not finishing any of them. Hence, the best way to manage your time is to focus on a single task at a time and give it your full attention.

multitask businesswoman sat at the desk in the office, concept of well organised work

Following these tips to improve your time management skills will help you to organise your daily work. In addition, you’ll maintain a life balance whether you are in a job, searching for one or developing new competencies.

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