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The most sought after industries

Published: Tuesday 12th February 2019

Right now, some industries are getting more applications per vacancy than any other. According to research by Tribepad, the average job advert receives 39 applications, yet that rises to 79 in the logistics industry and 64 in hospitality. Location doesn’t appear to impact these trends significantly. Whether you look at jobs in Edinburgh, jobs in Southampton, jobs in Liverpool, jobs in Leicester, or jobs in Brighton, six industries receive considerably more applications than any other. After logistics and hospitality, tech, the telecoms and media sector comes in third with an average of 53 applications. And the automotive industry isn’t far behind with 50, while legal and retail both average 38 applications each.

Shaking hands after landing job in one of the sought after industries

The only region where a distinct variation could be seen was when it came to jobs in London. Here, jobs in the fintech industries were highly sought-after as the sector continued to thrive with high levels of investment. While jobs in media and the creative industries have always been a big draw in London, similar trends were seen in local economies throughout the UK, with growth in jobs in Birmingham, jobs in Glasgow, jobs in Portsmouth and jobs in Manchester

But why is it that these sectors are proving so attractive to candidates?

New technologies are driving recruitment trends

The simple answer to that is technology!

Hardly a month goes by without a new innovation or development connected with the Cloud, Blockchain or AI. As a result, there has been a subsequent rise in developer jobs, cybersecurity positions and cloud architects, to name but a few. All these roles are attracting more applications as more candidates leave university with the skills to meet the demand out there.

Technology is probably the key driver behind rising applications to the logistics sector too. Here, a big uptake by companies using enterprise applications means more techy talent is needed. In addition, the logistics industry has traditionally been a safe bet for progression, as many companies promote from within and offer good opportunities for overseas travel, which can be appealing for many candidates.

Chatrobot coming out of a phone, to speak to user demonstrating tech industries

The hospitality sector is seeing a lot of growth, especially in tourism niche. Cultural and food tourism is taking off in regions that perhaps didn’t experience much tourism in the past. And, as many of these areas are rural or remote and traditionally associated with low employment, these new jobs are attracting more applications from people who want to work close to home.

Challenges for candidates and recruiters

While the high turnover of staff in hospitality might also go some way to explain the high figure of applications in that industry, it’s clear that candidates for all these industries are experiencing significant competition before getting to interview stage. It’s a problem for hirers too as many qualified candidates can get screened out early in the recruitment process. But, in general, the high level of vacancies is all these sectors is good news for the employment market.

Waitress holding a drinks mat with a pint of larger as hospitality makes sought after industries list

Interestingly, while monitoring our own applications at Zoek we found similar results to Tribepad with IT coming out on top last year with 4897 applications. Manufacturing and engineering was second with 2602 applications while, at 2159, jobs in Sales and marketing were the third most popular. So if you’re looking for opportunities in any of these sought-after sectors, make sure you do a job search on Zoek for the newest openings.

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