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The Pros and Cons of Saturday Jobs For Students

Published: Wednesday 8th January 2020

For most students, having enough money to cover living expenses is a real challenge. Trying to get by on meagre student loans and grants, even coupled with financial support from your family, isn’t easy. A 2015 survey conducted by Endsleigh found that 77% students now work part-time jobs to make ends meet. For students, perhaps the best way to do this is through a Saturday job, as that causes least disruption to class time, yet can still allow students to earn a full day’s wage each week.  

Couple working at coffee shop

There are student jobs out there 

Fortunately, there are always plenty of Saturday jobs out there that are ideal for students. The majority tend to be in retail and hospitality (cafés, restaurants and bars), but you’ll find that most universities and student unions also have part-time jobs onsite in bars, libraries and shops. 

While the extra money certainly comes in handy, that’s not the only benefit to be gained from working part-time student jobs; you’ll also gain valuable work experience, get a reference, and fill a gap on your CV that could be useful when you make that transition to a full-time job. Beyond that, you’ll also meet contacts who could help you when it comes to your full-time UK job search and other long term career goals after you finish university.  

Newspaper with ads student jobs vacancy.

One of the things employers complain about when recruiting graduates is a lack of real-life work experience, so picking this up in a part-time job could make all the difference if it comes down to a tight decision between you and another candidate. 

What’s more, having some basic work experience before entering the permanent job market will give you confidence when it comes to a move into the full-time workforce, not to mention the feeling of independence you gain by paying your way through your degree. 

Don’t let Saturday jobs affect your study 

Focused millennial african american student in glasses making notes writing down information from book in cafe

Of course, working Saturday jobs while studying full-time has its drawbacks too. Many students use Saturday to catch up on study, especially coming up to exams or assignment deadlines. Others spend their Saturdays pursuing sports, hobbies and other leisure pursuits. If your Saturday job involves working evenings, you could also miss out on some well-deserved socialising time. 

However, this is also an opportunity to hone your organisational and time management skills – valuable soft skills in demand by employers. Use a diary or calendar and make sure you know when your shifts are and key events/exams at university. Employers can usually be flexible when it comes to students, so if you do need a day off to study for an important exam, let them know well in advance, so they are able to find someone to cover.  

soft focus.high school or university student holding pencil writing on paper answer sheet

Clearly, a part-time Saturday job can offer much more than simply a little extra cash to help with living expenses – it can really stand out on your CV, demonstrating self-initiative, commitment and a solid work ethic.  

There are plenty of student jobs waiting for you on Zoek UK, so if you are looking for a Saturday Job, start applying today! Plus, if you want to be notified of the latest jobs as they come online, be sure to download the Zoek app and be first to apply

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