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The real reason you choose your job

Published: Friday 4th December 2015

You live in an age of endless options; you are overloaded with a choice every day and the same goes when it comes to people having to choose a job. If you go to the supermarket to pick up some cereal, you are bombarded with a whole aisle of options. If you go online for some shopping you are swamped with more products than there are trees in the Amazon. This now applies to your career choice too. Gone are the days when you’d just do what your parents did, or inherit the family business.

As the industry has become more globalised and outsourcing is now commonplace, there is a bigger service industry and many more paths to follow. Universities are businesses too so offer more and more options of study. Meanwhile, apprenticeships, trades, and entry-level jobs are all valid options too, without the weight of student debt on your shoulders.

So, how do you choose your job?

Do you start with what you like doing and try and create a career out of that? For example, if you have a passion for film, television, sports or the beauty industry could this be your best option for a job? From this passion and from doing what you already do for free, could you try to build a career out of your hobby? Within every one of these industries are a range of roles and skill sets required. Within sport for example, there are careers to be had within journalism, coaching, management, science, psychology, nutrition and marketing.

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Do you look at where the gaps and skills shortages are to find out where the most opportunities will be? This is a more strategic approach, based on the labour market and where the most likely chance of getting a job will be. The market demands certain skills, some of which are new and evolving. If there isn’t as much supply for workers in that area, the better the chance you can get the job. Do you go with what you are best at, regardless of enjoyment and follow that? What subject did you get the best grades for in school? What are you most effective at doing? Can these things help you in your job search? Some people are naturals with numbers, others with a paint brush and others with communicating or selling. So, how exactly do you get to choose your job when the time comes?

Does family influence your choice

For some, generations of your family might have all done the same thing whether that be having the same career (your dad up to your great-great-great grandad were all teachers), or taking over the family business. It might be very traditional but taking into account your family’s influences may be a good way to work out which career route is for you. If you have the same skills and attributes as family members, it might be worth thinking about what roles they have opted for? The answer to what career route you should take is one of the most important and defining in your life. You will spend more waking hours in work than doing anything else. This is fundamental to any career search or job application.

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Tips to help you choose

Although there are blogs and quizzes to solve every problem in an instant, this question is a little bigger than that. So why do you do what you do? Here are some tips to start the process of deeper thought about your career:

• Talk to your family and friends for feedback before you have to choose your job – what do they think are your unique abilities and talents? 360 degree feedback and personal branding are worthwhile to find out how people perceive you.
• Consider which subjects you did best in when you were at school.
• Do some research on any industry – this will give you more information on pay scales, supply and demand of vacancies and any qualifications needed.
• Be upfront with your  friends and people you trust to discuss what you value and why.

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