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The story of Tesco and what It’s like to work there

Published: Thursday 18th October 2018

Tesco might be the third biggest retailer in the world today, based on gross revenues, but that wasn’t always the case. The multinational started by Jack Cohen in 1919 began life as a small stall in the East End of London selling surplus groceries. The Tesco brand didn’t appear until five years later when he bought a shipment of tea from a Mr T.E. Stockwell using the initials of the supplier’s name to form the word ‘TES-CO’. The first Tesco store appeared in Burnt Oak, North London, in 1929.

Male pushing a tesco shopping trolley

Fast growth

The company grew fast from that point onwards, becoming a private limited company in 1932 and floating on the stock exchange in 1947. Along the way, of course, Tesco recruited and employed thousands of workers. And, as the company diversified into other sectors such as petrol forecourts, financial services, and telecoms, so too did Tesco jobs. Sales hit £1 billion as early as 1979 and rose dramatically after that. Today, there is just one postcode (Harrogate) in all of the UK that doesn’t have a Tesco store and even that could change soon. The firm now has an operation in 11 other countries throughout the world.

Female student studying on a university desk

A focus on people

In 1997, the appointment of Terry Leahy as CEO saw a shift in focus within the company to people -both customers and employees. Considering how many people employed by the company, this recognition was good news for workers at Tesco. Statistics show that, as of 2017, the firm employed 476,000 people. This move led to a distinct focus on employee learning and development with the introduction of the Tesco Academy and later the ‘Academy on the Go’ mobile learning app.

Being such as huge company, there are always jobs going in a wide variety of niches. Ranging from checkout and shelf-filling, to back-office support and management opportunities for graduates. The company has outlets all over the UK, so you’ll find Tesco jobs in London, Bristol and Manchester to name just a few. There are always a wide selection full-time, part-time and temporary jobs available. There is also a large number of seasonal Christmas jobs as well.

Looking for a job at Tesco?

I love my job on chalkboard

Salaries range from £20,000 to £60,000, which, according to Payscale, are 3% higher than those at rival supermarkets. Promotional prospects are good and there can even be the opportunity to move into overseas operations. An exciting option for those looking to work abroad or make a change.

In fact, at any time, there are hundreds of open Tesco jobs. The retailer is already recruiting for the Christmas period and looking for team players with good communication skills. This will help them to give customers a great Christmas shopping experience.

To see these temporary jobs and other full-time vacancies at Tesco, as well as retail jobs at other companies around the UK, start your job search on Zoek today.

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