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Top 5 tips on job hunting while working 

Published: Wednesday 15th July 2020

Job hunting can be overwhelming – especially whilworking full-time. With so many job search sites, companies to research and applications to send, your hunt for jobs online can easily feel like a full-time job in itself. Here are our top 5 tips on how to job hunt while working. 

Update your CV and online profiles while job hunting

Before you begin job hunting, make sure you do two things: 

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  • First, focus on updating and tailoring your CV and supporting cover letter. This means that you will have different versions which are more specific to various industries and roles when job hunting online. 
  • Next, review your online presence on sites like LinkedInMake sure you have added your key skills and work history, filled out your contact information and mentioned all your career highlights. Do not forget to follow recruiters and companies in your industry, as this will give you a better idea of what jobs are available. 

Schedule time for job hunting 

Without a plan or schedule, job searching can often feel frantic and unorganised. The key to successfully job hunt  while working full-time  is scheduling blocks of one or two hours distraction-free time’ each day that you can dedicate to job hunting, researching companies and expanding your online network. To keep your job search organised and on track, you should plan to keep an ongoing list (a simple spreadsheet) of all of the jobs you have applied for and received a response. 

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Avoid the temptation to review new job opportunities on company time using their network – stick to outside working hours or during your lunch break. Always assume that your employer is looking, because getting fired over inappropriate use of company resources will not help your job hunt. 

Organise interviews outside work hours 

Whether it is a telephone, video call or office-based interview, you need to schedule these outside of work hours. Taking phone calls at work or asking for days off is unprofessional and prevents you from preparing yourself for a successful interview. 

 Only accept a role if it’s right for you 

Taking any job is not a good strategyNo job is perfect, but sometimes a job description can appear to make the grass look greener. Make sure you really research the company and job role that you are applying for. Even at interview or offer stage, do not feel pressured into taking the role if it is not for you. You don’t want to end up job hopping from company to company. 

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Remember, even when you had accepted an offer, you do not have a new job until you have signed a contract – so do not hand your resignation into your current employer until your new role is official. 

 Do not be discouraged 

If you have not landed a job offer within your expected time frame, do not let yourself get discouraged. Job hunting requires a lot of focus and resilience until offers come your way. It is important to remember that it will take timeespecially if you are searching for a job that is the right fit for you. 

Searching for a new job whilworking can be challenging but rewarding when you have landed that dream job. By following our 5 tips above, you will be more confident in your job searchTo find new job opportunities, start with a simple search on Zoek UK. 

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