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Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs For Job Security

Published: Wednesday 29th April 2020

Everyone loves a booming economy, where hopes are high and companies keep hiring in an effort to keep up with demand. However, sooner or later economic booms are inevitably followed by slow-downs, recessions, even downright depressions. And when the economy falters, consumers cut back on all unnecessary expenses, while businesses also come to a halt and stop hiring. Of course, everyone wants to know which jobs are going to save them from these economic ups and downs and the future uncertainty. So, here are the top 5 recession proof jobs to guarantee you job security in tough times.

close up man person holding an empty wallet in the hands of an man no money out of pocket in front of the shop store. No money to pay, recession

Recession Proof Jobs: Healthcare & Medical Professionals

Registered nurses, pharmacists, physicians, surgeons, GP’s, paramedics, dentists, support workers, and even veterinarians all fall within this category of recession proof jobs. People and animals get sick regardless of the economy. In fact, during a recession, stress factors increase, and public health in general often suffers more. That means health care workers remain mostly untouched by recessions, with a further extend to non-medical jobs that support these professions such as receptionists, janitors and cleaners. If you are currently looking for a job in healthcare or in nursing & medical, start your job search on Zoek.

Law Enforcement

From police officers to detectives and federal agents, law enforcement workers don’t stop fighting crime during downturns. As public workers, they remain somewhat buffered from layoffs. In fact, research has shown that in times of recession and economic downturn, there’s a clear correlation between the economic slow down and the rise in crime rates. As a result, regardless of the sociological impact of recessions, law enforcement officers don’t lose their jobs. For jobs in law enforcement, check our vacancies here.

Police officers on duty

Recession Proof Jobs: IT Professionals

Networks, databases, and communications all still need to operate around the clock to keep the companies going and count as recession proof jobs. While the IT industry incorporates an enormous umbrella field, most workers remain in demand, even during recession. That includes computer systems analysts, data analysts, database engineers, programmers and developers, website designers and project managers. To browse through IT jobs, view our IT vacancies here.

Teachers & College Professors

Economic booms may come and go but investing in the future is always important. As a result, jobs in primary and secondary education, higher education and adult education are highly relevant regardless of the economic climate. In addition, job seekers who want to pursue this path should know that the way education gets delivered, is shifting due to technology changes and the industry’s evolution. Moreover, apart from traditional classroom instructors, new models of distance and on-demand education are becoming more relevant. So, a job in education can be flexible in both location and delivery style. If you are on the look out for teaching jobs near you, start your search here.

Teacher giving lesson to students in classroom

Utility Workers & Grocers

Even in a recession, utility workers are part of the basic foundations for how society operates, falling under the category of recession proof jobs. Utility workers are necessary in order to keep roads in good condition, the electricity working, trash taken away, and other basic aspects. Behind every basic modern convenience is someone working behind the scenes to make it happen and keep it running, even if the economy is less than promising.

Finally, grocers also tend to remain buffered from recession and any potential layoffs. If anything, people buy more groceries during recessions since they eat fewer meals out at restaurants. An alternative to working in a grocery store would be to deliver groceries or in general working in logistics. A delivery driver job offers certainly some great benefits such as being able to set your own hours and get paid to deliver the food people need.

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