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 Top Hiring Industries In Manchester

Published: Wednesday 18th September 2019

The “London of the North”

Manchester is quickly becoming the “London of the North” as a lot of people call it and it’s for a very good reason. With top hiring sectors booming, the city has become home to numerous national, international and global companies. Manchester offers a fast-growing, highly diversified economy. It also sets a centre for retail, transport, logistics, financial, legal and manufacturing sectors, posing as top hiring industries.

Media City UK

So, why Manchester?

Setting the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution as well as remaining not only a manufacturing but also commercial powerhouse, Manchester is truly a city of firsts. The city’s economy generates £56 billion of gross value added (GVA) on an annual basis compared to the GVA of the North East being £45 billion and West Yorkshire’s £46 billion.

What’s more, a net gain of 110,000 additional jobs is forecasted by 2024, as officially stated by the Greater Manchester Forecasting Model. And if you still have not been swayed into pursuing a career in Manchester by these numbers, take a look at these interesting facts…

Manchester: Interesting Key Facts

Multicultural employment opportunities More than 2,000 foreign-owned companies are based in Manchester, embracing the city’s multiculturalism, supporting diversity whilst also providing equal opportunities.

International attraction pole for investment – Manchester sets an international attraction pole for investment and growth. Within the past 5 years, it has attracted 400 inward investment projects, creating an outstanding extra of over 22,500 jobs, coming from international companies.

Top Hiring Industries

Business, Financial and Professional Services – Manchester makes up for the second UK main centre for this sector, employing more than 190,000 people. Key companies include Co-op Banking Group and BNY Mellon. By 2025 it is forecasted that more than 3,000 new jobs will be created, emphasising on legal and accounting sectors.

Health and Social CareMore than 174,000 people are currently employed in this sector with an estimated increase of another 3,800 by 2025.

Creative and Digital Media – With MediaCityUK being the home of the BBC and ITV, Manchester boasts to be the main centre for this sector, attracting constant growth. In fact, it offers the biggest digital clusters nationwide, employing more than 64,000 people, demonstrating a clear boom in that area with a growth rate of 18% in job creation.

Media City Manchester

Manufacturing – Key companies include Siemens and Holroyd, with the manufacturing sector employing almost 1 in 10 residents in Manchester. By 2025 more than 1,232 new jobs are expected to have been created.

Hospitality & Sport – Manchester is home to major sporting organisations, such as Adidas and British Cycling, along with famous football clubs like Manchester United. The sector is employing over 99,000 with an estimated growth of more than 20,000 jobs in the next few years.

FintechWith an astonishing growth of 50% over the past ten years, meaning 5 times the overall national average, this sector is booming, encouraging at the same time global companies, such as Amazon and Jaguar to move here.

Businessman touched fintech word on touch screen. FINTECH finance icon concept.

Zoek Invests In Manchester

Manchester offers endless job opportunities for anyone looking to build a successful career. Here at Zoek, we are fully aware of the continuing growth of hiring industries jumping on every opportunity to help people get their dream job. In doing so, we’re gathering all the top vacancies onto our intelligent job matching website/app. With numerous marketing campaigns spread all over Manchester, we’re attracting top hiring organisations to list their job adverts on Zoek, supporting job seeker opportunities. You may be noticing us on buses, trams, trains or even while walking down in the city centre on InLinkUK displays!

Zoek advertisement on BT InLinkUK Box


Recognising the potential for people to upskill and progress work-wise, as a generalist job board we’re continually making investments in marketing, as well as attracting top hiring companies and recruiters. So, if you’re looking to bag yourself your dream job, turn to Zoek and experience a highly personalised job matching service!

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