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How To Stay Motivated While Working Over Christmas

Published: Wednesday 25th December 2019

The year is drawing to a close and the holiday season is upon us. Office parties, Christmas shopping, planning travel arrangements and the list goes on. These festive days are always bringing about an abundance of activities and keeping track of everything can be tough to balance, while also staying motivated at work.

Woman sitting at the office desk and reading letter with christmas tree in the background

December seems to fly by as everyone scrambles to get all their work done before their time off. To do lists increase, motivation decreases and all everyone really wants, is to bypass all their work and fast forward straight to the Christmas holidays. Thus, despite being one of the most wonderful times of the year, the holiday season can also be a major productivity killer.

Christmas Day – Who’s working?

Although most of us are relaxing with our few days off, over one million Brits have to go to work on Christmas Day. In fact, most of the people working at Christmas are carers, doctors and nurses, with over 250,000 Brits going to work, since being on call and shifts are a regular occurrence in these professions. Other occupations that have the highest percentage of staff working on Christmas Day are police officers, firefighters, prison service officers and security guards. The list continues with bar staff, chefs, waiters and cleaners.

Portrait of happy, motivated waitress wearing Santa hat against snow falling

So, if you’re working over Christmas and although this may sound impossible, there are ways you can utilise your holiday cheer to stay focused at work and benefit from doing so. Below are our 4 top tips for staying motivated while working; and even if you’re not into the holidays, these tips will still work any time of year…

1. Stay organised

With people in and out of the office during the holidays, there’s always something that needs to be done — especially if you’re the one preparing to go on annual leave. Staying organised will help you keep yourself on track and resist the urge to go shopping for presents when you’re on the clock. Prioritising, colour coding and writing down tasks will help you stay motivated and increase your efficiency.

2. Brighten your day up

Beautiful Woman Going To Work With Coffee Walking Near Office Building, cheerful, motivated

We all have those mornings where it feels impossible to get out of bed and go to work, even if it’s not Christmas. Starting your day off on a positive note with some upbeat music will definitely put you in a good mood and a smile on your face. So, try creating a playlist for the length of time it takes you to get ready and get to work. Next time you feel like pressing the snooze button, put on your favourite song – or even a festive one to get you in the spirit – and dance your way to work!

3. Treat and reward yourself

Having something to look forward to can certainly keep you motivated and going! So, start setting goals you have to accomplish and treat yourself even if it’s not anything extravagant. For instance, once you finish a task treat yourself to a walk to stretch your legs, to a nice chocolate bar or even your favourite brew.

Two attractive smiling young businessmen wearing suits talking while having a lunch break outdoors at the city streets, drinking coffee

4. Attend the right events

Attending events during the holiday season is almost inevitable. They can still benefit you though and contribute to your festive motivation! The key here is to plan ahead, attending those that will also help you network and meet new people from your industry. So, work out which events will better benefit you, and prioritise them in your favour!

After implementing these 4 simple tips to stay motivated while working over Christmas, make sure you have a little fun too! Decorate the office with lights and tinsel, organise a secret Santa or even a Christmas jumper day. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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