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Want to become a great manager? Here’s the skills you’ll need to succeed

Published: Friday 12th October 2018

Great managers are in demand in every niche, but succeeding in management doesn’t depend on any single skill or strength. Being a great manager means being able to demonstrate a number of key skills essential in order to drive productivity, achieve organisational goals, and get the best from the team under you. With the skills outlined here, you’ll be in demand for all types of manager jobs.

Female employee turning clocks managing her time

Time Management skills

Time management is one of the most effective team management skills. There are only so many hours in a day, and as the old adage goes, time is money. The more effectively you can manage your time, the greater your productivity, and your contribution to the business. This is especially true in project manager jobs where delivering work on time and on a budget is a key requirement of the role.

male employee kicking a white door

Crisis management

A certain level of stress is inevitable in any role in the workplace, but managers need to be able to cope with all types of stressful situations and unexpected scenarios in their day-to-day duties – and keeping a cool head is essential while solving problems. Again, some managerial roles, such as those working factories or manufacturing facilities may be more exposed to crisis management than others. In the event that a machine or piece of equipment goes down, for instance, the longer the production line is out of operation, the more money the business stands to lose

female employee looking out of a skyscraper

Communication and influencing skills

Working life is all about communication and negotiation. Whether it’s motivating a team, tackling issues with business partners and colleagues, or getting the best terms on a business deal, every good employer knows the value of having a great influencer on board. Having great communication skills will certainly help drive forward your managerial career. If you’re a sales manager, for instance, with a team to motivate, then exceptional influencing, leadership and mentoring skills will be a big benefit.

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Problem-solving is all about using creativity and analytical thinking to develop innovative approaches to challenging scenarios and situations. All managers, from those working in retail manager job to those in banking manager jobs, must be effective problem-solvers. But this is something that can come with experience too, as problem-solving basically comes down to analytically deconstructing a challenge into its components and methodically looking at ways of tackling it and achieving the best outcome for the business.

Female presenting her ideas to a group of employees

Presentation skills

Around 40% of the people dread public speaking, but whether it’s a sales pitch, a company meeting or a job interview, it is a vital element of every manager’s job. While it’s something that comes naturally to some, the good news is it’s also something that can be learned through practice, perseverance and by watching those who are already good at it.

Every manager is different

Of course, there can be a huge difference between one management role and the next. As we’ve seen, every industry category, whether project manager jobs, retail manager jobs, or banking manager jobs, will demand a different balance of skills to deliver the best performance. And that’s really the key to securing your first managerial job: demonstrating that you have the skill set to excel in a specific role. Networking can help, especially if you’ve already had some experience, perhaps in an acting managerial role, filling for someone on leave. After that, it’s down to you to show you’ve got what it takes.

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