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Want to work at an ethical company?

Published: Thursday 1st November 2018

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is becoming big business as more companies realise that customers and employees want to know that they’re dealing with or working for an ethical company. This applies not only to equality and fairness but how green or sustainable the business is in their operating activities.

Person holding the earth in hands

Fortunately, this is a time when most businesses, especially global corporations, understand the importance of maintaining a clean public image. As well as an ethical brand when it comes to equality, fair play, and the environment. Which means there are more opportunities than ever for those looking to work for companies with a like-minded moral compass.

Being moral is good for business

With more people interested in CSR and ethical business activities, organisations such as the Ethisphere Institute have sprung up to monitor and test the moral fibre of businesses all over the world. This means that customers, partners, and potential staff can evaluate businesses from the standpoints of ethics and fairness before working for them, or doing business with them.

woman raising hand to show honesty at an ethical company

But exactly what is it that makes a company ‘ethical’?

According to the Ethisphere Institute, this can depend on several factors. Including transparency, respect for employees and acting with integrity. However, these are obviously difficult things to measure. So it’s companies that have systems in place to achieve these goals that rate highest. Moreover, the Ethisphere Institute is quick to point out that companies that do this and act with corporate integrity, out-perform their competitors.

Topping Ethisphere’s 2018 list of ethical companies is Microsoft, LinkedIn, SalesForce, Intel and Dell. With sex equality prominent in the media headlines, these and others are putting new initiatives in place to monitor and promote fairness and equality between employees in the workplace. These same companies are taking action to be more energy-efficient. Introducing carbon emission programs in an effort to tackle global warming. Coca-Cola has the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the ‘drink in your hand’ by 25% by 2020. While Dell is using a more recycled material for manufacturing components and packaging.

Good for the planet, good for business

Man throwing money at the camera

That’s not to say that these companies are doing it for completely altruistic reasons. There’s plenty in it for them too. The CEO of Siemens’ US division recently admitted that the firm will make a profit by reducing carbon emissions. The initial investment of $110 million will result in savings of between $20 million and $30 million annually. The company eventually wants to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

Of course, these efforts are good for the environment, the customer, employees and the world in general. And that’s why more candidates are looking to work for companies with a focus on ethical business.

To find the best opportunities with companies that put a real focus on behaving ethically, start with a search on Zoek UK. With more UK firms investing in moral initiatives supporting equality, fairness and doing green business, you’ll discover opportunities all over the country, including jobs in Manchester, jobs in London and many other locations.

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