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What are we really looking for in a job to make us satisfied?

Published: Tuesday 10th September 2019

Throughout the years, employees’ wants and needs have evolved, setting a challenge for companies to keep up. Employers get constantly bombarded with a range of trendy tips and remuneration packages in their effort to keep different generations of workers satisfied, when in fact the things that really matter to them are fairly simple.

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Many employers believe, money is the best motivator, and this is where they may get it wrong. Money is nice but not enough! In a market full of employment opportunities, working a job you dread going to only because of money, won’t do the trick for long. So, what are we really looking for in a job to make us happy, keep us satisfied and stay motivated?

The stats say it all

Recent surveys have found, over 50% of Brits want their staff benefits to help improve their work-life balance, while flexible working hours and extra holiday score amongst the top work perks. In addition, more than half stated, they prioritise workplace culture over salary.

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Another UK survey reveals, 57% said a company’s culture and values are more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction. In fact, 2 in 3 millennials prioritise culture over money when it comes to job satisfaction, compared to 52% of those above the age of 55. This strongly suggests that today’s young adults will not simply be “bought”, hence employers should invest more in an attractive company culture. Finally, senior leadership, career opportunities, and fair treatment are included amongst the top factors for job satisfaction.

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What we are really looking for in our job

Employers need to understand what people really want from a company when it comes to retaining staff. Monetary rewards are important but we all need more than that! A simple thank you or receiving gratitude from employers can be a million times more powerful and go a long way.

Recognition – Employees want to be recognised and feel they are members of a winning team. They want to know they contribute actively to the company’s success and that their efforts are publicly acknowledged, praised and rewarded. Feeling appreciated and a valued member of the team naturally encourages everyone to contribute more and go the extra mile.

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Growth opportunities – Potential for growth is one of the most highly valued aspects. Offering training and room for career progression instills a sense of security to employees, knowing that in years to come they won’t be stuck in a rut with their efforts being unappreciated or remaining unnoticed.

Communication – What every employee is looking for in a job is honest, frequent two-way communication between their managers and colleagues. An open culture, where people aren’t afraid to express their ideas and are heard, promotes a positive workplace atmosphere and fosters healthy relationships.

Work-life balance – Especially amongst millennials, achieving work-life balance is very important. People are generally concerned with their quality of life and understand the importance of maintaining and leading a healthy lifestyle, where they have enough free time to do what they love.

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Positive relationships with colleagues – On average, employees spend more time with their colleagues than their friends outside work. What people are looking for, is to build personal connections and trusting relationships, hence being part of a team where they’re appreciated and relaxed makes a huge difference. If employees are getting along and there’s mutual respect, it really helps to motivate them daily and keep them satisfied.

Transparency, fair treatment, and respect – People know they worth more than money, so fostering an environment of respect and equality, is what we all look for in a job. Employees value being part of a company that conducts its business ethically, contributing back to the community and making a positive impact in the world.

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