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What do job seekers look for in a company? 

Published: Monday 31st August 2020

When a job seeker carries out a job search, they will spend a lot of time studying descriptions of jobs to work out, what it is an employer is looking for and whether they’d be a good fit. More employers are becoming clued to that fact and have been proactive in trying to create welcoming environments for job seekers. Workplaces have changed a lot over the years and many job seekers have certain things they look for in a company and this can even start with the job ads themselves. 

What do jobs seekers want? 

For a start, it’s worth considering why some people may be seeking a new job. The vast majority of job seekers are looking for better pay and conditions. They are likely to be already in a job and looking to move on so it is important for companies to realise this. When companies are hiring, they need to consider why job seekers might be looking for a new job. As well as an improvement in pay and conditions, they may be looking to change industries, have lost their previous job or be trying to get back into work after a prolonged absence. Whatever the reason for their job search, there a number of key features job seekers look for in a company 

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The days off 9 to 5 jobs are fading fast and job seekers want to know they can have a degree of flexibility over when they work. As long as they work their contracted hours, employees are increasingly seeking to fit when they work around their home and family lives and companies that are receptive to this will appear more attractive to this. Job seekers also expect some form of flexibility over where they work. While not all companies can accommodate such flexibility given that they require their workers to be onsite, many will be able to facilitate working from home for some of their employees. 

A focus on well-being 

Mental and physical health of workers are increasingly being seen as a responsibility of employers, therefore, many have stepped up to the challenge. Many job seekers will look for companies which not only care about the well-being of their workers, but that also are proactive in implementing policies and initiatives which focus on employees’ well-being. 

Professional and personal development

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Many job seekers want to know if a company will help them progress professionally and place a lot of importance on training and development. Employees want to be able to improve upon their existing skills and see a path to progression within the company or industry. This can be a particular consideration for manufacturing companies who may not be able to grant the kind of flexibility over working hours or location that some job seekers demand. 

Perks and incentives 

Many job seekers look at how companies look after their employees beyond pay and basic conditions. Things like regular appraisals, staff bonding sessions and providing them with complimentary refreshments can go a long way to making an employee feel valued and, in turn, more productive. 

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