What makes people look overseas for work?

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A survey carried out by sports retailer, Decathlon, has found that most young people in the UK are interested in working overseas. 68% of those in the 18-35 age range would consider a job abroad while 55% of UK workers have travelled internationally at least three times for work in the past year and 32% wanted to do more travelling with their work

Woman having a light bulb momentDo you have a career wanderlust?

Clearly, the statistics focus on a younger demographic with career wanderlust, older workers simply don’t have the same enthusiasm for travelling overseas for work. But, despite wanderlust, what are the other motivating factors for seeking jobs outside the UK?

When quizzed on the reasons, 53% said that the travel would make their work more exciting, 37% said it was a cost-effective way to see the world and 23% said they didn’t want to be tied to the same location during their working life.

Significantly, 19% of workers in the 18-35 age range said they were considering leaving their current role in the next 12 months to focus on travel or working abroad.

Woman with a laptop with her thumbs up with many flags in the backgroundWorking abroad can be good for your career

Short of seeing the world, some time spent working abroad can actually be good for your career. With globalisation and growing cross-border business and trade, it’s good for workers to have exposure to working practices in other countries, as well as different cultural perspectives. After all, there’s a good chance you will have to work with overseas departments, customers or business partners at some point in your working life.

If you can pick up some language skills, all the better. These are a very welcome addition to any CV. In fact, an additional language could be the tiebreaker in a competitive job market when it comes to an employer choosing between you and another candidate for a role.

Finger pointing at a global network in a dark backgroundGrow your global network

Working overseas is another way to add new connections to your professional network. If you already have a LinkedIn account replete with UK connections, adding colleagues and connections from another country could open up a whole new world of career possibilities, perhaps with companies that have operations in the UK, or that lead to new job opportunities overseas.

Working abroad is also a way to try out potential career paths, perhaps on a year out after university, which might be why so many do it early on in their working life. Overall, a stint working overseas is good for your confidence, your social and professional networks, your CV and can help you learn to be more versatile and open-minded in the workplace – all attributes that will be good for your career and attractive to employers looking to hire you.

While Zoek focusses on UK jobs, many of these are with multinational firms, so can lead to opportunities for travel and work overseas. Retail jobs, for example, are a common gateway to work opportunities abroad. So, to discover UK employers with overseas travel opportunities, start with a search on Zoek today.

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