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What your boss really wants to say about the office dress code

Published: Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Most companies have a dress code, some stricter than others. Whether employees like it or not office dress code is there to ensure professionalism within the business environment. As a recruiter, it is especially important to dress professionally when meeting potential clients and candidates. Earlier in the year, a study revealed that 64.2% of employees think their managers should implement a stricter dress code. You will all have copies of the office dress code policy but have you ever thought about what your boss is really thinking when it comes to work attire? We’ve done just that. Take a look below at some of the common dress code requirements vs what your boss might actually be thinking…

Office dress code for men

What the dress code says: A briefcase must be carried to all meetings.
What your boss really means: As we are not students man bags are not acceptable and as we are not quoting for double glazing a folder is not acceptable.

Handsome smiling confident businessman portrait

What the dress code says: For all meetings a tie must be worn. This tie should be of appropriate width with a normal Windsor knot.
What your boss really means: No Grange Hill huge knots. Slim fashion ties are terrible. Also for those with a Dr Who bow tie, this is acceptable but potentially borderline eccentric.

What the dress code says: Must wear a long sleeved shirt, preferably double cuffed but quality is more important.
What your boss really means: No fashion shirts. If you have to wear a grey or black shirt make sure it is of the highest quality and you don’t look like a contestant from Take Me Out!

Dress code for women

What the dress code says: Skirts and dresses below the knee.
What your boss really means: Some lengths are inappropriate for the workplace –think Kate Middleton rather than Lady GaGa.

What the dress code says: If client facing a business suit must be worn.
What your boss really means: I am not sure why anyone would think a cardigan is acceptable attire to a business meeting.

What the dress code says: If client facing a briefcase must be used.
What your boss really means: Handbags contain makeup and other things you ship around everywhere (top tip, empty it occasionally then it won’t hurt your shoulders).

Portrait of a young smiling woman

Code for everyone

What the dress code says: Coats should reflect the company and your professional image.
What your boss really means: The next person to wear anything quilted will be taken to a Ski resort and thrown down a black run.

What the dress code says: No excessive jewellery.
What your boss really means: If you wish to model for H Samuel’s please do so on your own time.

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