Where to find the best cities in the UK for a Career in the Digital Industry?

Digital Marketing written on laptop screen There is a perception that London has the most opportunities when it comes to pursuing a career in most industries, and most of the time, you will have more choice, better prospects, and higher wages, but, according to a survey by Monster, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s it’s best for every sector. The online recruitment company found that the best location for digital jobs was Birmingham, closely followed by jobs in Milton Keynes and Manchester. There were also superb opportunities for those looking for digital marketing jobs in Leeds.

Birmingham centre in the nightCost of living lower outside London

When doing the survey, Monster examined a number of factors including growth in the digital economy, the number of digital jobs available and quality of life. It found that because London was becoming more unaffordable for young workers that other cities around the UK scored higher, especially when it came to finding jobs in Birmingham. The survey found no fewer than 437 digital jobs in Birmingham with 33% growth in the industry there year-on-year. With salaries averaging £43,000 and rent for a one bedroom home at just £638, Birmingham was a much more attractive option than London. Which might be why digital hubs, such as MediaCityUK in Manchester, are springing up all over the UK.

Newcastle is another place that’s been hailed as a ‘Smart City’ with 30,000 employed in the digital sector, according to the Smart Cities Index. In fact, the entire North East has become something of a digital mecca. It was recently announced that three big tech events in the area, Thinking Digital, Tech Talent, and Newcastle Startup Week, have joined forces to launch the North East Digital Festival in order to attract more businesses and candidates to the area.

Hands using mobile payments, Digital marketing. Banking network.Digital jobs market still growing

What is clear is that the digital job market is still experiencing significant growth with digital marketing jobs appearing all over the country, including jobs in Wolverhampton, Milton Keynes, and Leeds. Furthermore, there is a diverse range of digital jobs available for candidates with less experience, as well as more qualified individuals. The more the Internet and its associated applications become more connected with our lives, the more digital jobs are being created. Google alone has 54,000 employees worldwide and many of these are in regional locations.

Filling the digital skills gap

Despite this, there is still a digital skills gap. While that might be bad news for employers, it’s good news for those looking to take their career to the next level in the digital arena. If you’re willing to invest in a development course, you can demonstrate to employers that you’re passionate and committed about pursuing a career in a digital niche, which might be enough to get you a job that’s a bit more advanced than your current skills set might suggest.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for an opening in one of the many digital hubs around the country, Zoek can put you in touch with developer jobs in Birmingham, designer jobs in Wolverhampton and marketing jobs in Leeds, as well as wide range of other digital jobs throughout the UK.

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