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Which Christmas Character Are You?

Published: Wednesday 23rd December 2015

As Christmas is around the corner, why not take our quick quiz and find out which Christmas character you are in your office?

Our fun quiz will let you know which Christmas character you are in your office – scroll down for the full answer and a link to a suggested career.

From everyone at Zoek merry Christmas and Happy New Year – see you in 2017!

So, who are you in your office and what should your New Year’s resolution be?

Work Christmas Quiz

elf speeding with a christmas red sack with gifts falling as he runs

The Busy Elf

We are probably all guilty of this at some point in our career, but as Busy Elf you’re known for never stopping. You’re used to taking on too much and working around the clock. You can be sure to check your emails over the weekend or even on your holidays. If you’re thinking of checking in on Christmas day… don’t! Tis the season to put down your work email, enjoy your family and get festive. Being keen at work is great for your career but if you don’t stop once in a while you may miss life’s little moments. Enjoy your Christmas break – you deserved it!

If you want to be rewarded for all your extra work with a new job in the new year, we have more than 7,000 jobs in sales:
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The Angel on the Tree
woman wrapped up and making snow angels on the ground

Most commonly known for sitting quietly at your desk, you are the eyes and ears of your department. Although you appear to be keeping yourself to yourself – you don’t miss a trick. Like the perspective of the angel at the top of the tree, you know everything that is going on in the office, and people often overlook your wisdom and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you have something to offer.

With all your quiet and discerning observation skills, you could do really well in HR:
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The Christmas Carol
Woman singing using a microphone

You can guarantee whenever there is a conversation, The Christmas Carol will be there with some stories and banter. You get everyone through the day as the office is rarely quiet with you around. Your colleagues can sometimes wonder how you fit in all your work! Keep spreading your Christmas cheer.

With your special story telling abilities, do you have a career in marketing? You should…
Job Search Sales Busy Elf

The Father Christmas
Santa clause falling a sleep after a busy night

You’ve worked for your organisation since the dawn of time and you are the fountain of all knowledge. You know everything about the company and your colleagues rely on you to support newbies and rack your brain back to 2003, to remember the password for the printer. Or how to find that awkward chimney around the back little Jimmy’s house. Even if you’re not the boss, you’re Mr or Mrs Reliable and people come to you for support and advice.

If you’re not already, it could be time to step up with a management role:
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The Christmas Cracker
Christmas figurines

You’re the Chandler of the office. Whenever there is a dull moment your colleagues can be sure you’ll crack a joke and make everyone smile. Our New Year tip if you’re The Christmas Cracker is to keep it up – we all need a laugh every once in a while! Having said that… leave the ‘knock knocks’ and Dad Jokes to the December 25 dinner table only.

With your entertaining and engaging personality, fancy a role in hospitality?
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