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Why Being Made Redundant Can Be A Good Thing

Published: Wednesday 17th October 2018

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In today’s rapidly shifting employment market, redundancy is common. In fact, most people are made redundant at least once during their career for one reason or another. But while once redundancy was a dreaded word, these days, as we’ll see, it can mean a bright new start.

Stay positiveFemale raising an arm up cheering

The moment you discover that you’re being made redundant can be incredibly depressing, but while you’re losing your job, you’re skills haven’t become redundant – in fact, your employability has actually increased due to experience gained during time spent in your last role. This is something you should reminder yourself when it comes to remaining positive. There may be days that you feel down, but it’s important to stay upbeat and positive. Look after yourself, exercise and spend more time on your favourite hobbies and pastimes. Create a new daily/weekly schedule to ensure you don’t spend too much moping around at home or watching daytime TV.

Male figure standing upon a stack of coinsLook at the benefits

It will help too to examine the advantages of being made redundant. To begin with, you should have a redundancy payment to tide you over to your next job. This might be quite substantial if you’ve been in the job for some years, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and blow it on a round-the-world cruise. You are going to need it to pay the bills why you hunt down new job opportunities.

However, more significantly, being made redundant might be the motivation you need if you’re stuck in a career rut, or have begun to dislike your job. Now, you have real incentive to find a new one.

That doesn’t mean you have to rush into the first thing that comes along. Redundancy is also an opportunity to sit down and take stock of your career is going and what you’d like to do next. That might mean a complete career change or going back to college to enhance your qualifications – something you mightn’t be able to do without that redundancy payment.

Start searching for new jobszoek logo

Once you’ve decided what you want to do next, you can start scheduling in time each day to work on identifying new job opportunities and applying yourself to job hunting. Make sure you spend some of that time networking both online as well as out and about. Look out for recruitment open days and job fairs. There might even be a job club in your area.

One question you might be asked while searching for a new job is why you left your last one? But saying that you were made redundant is nothing to be ashamed off. Most employers understand the reasons behind redundancies and that it has nothing to do with ability or performance. Some may even think themselves lucky to get the opportunity to hire you. Being made redundant can be the catalyst that kicks you out of your comfort zone and motivates you on to greater things.

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