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Why is Zoek different?

Published: Tuesday 16th August 2016

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If you are a recruitment consultant, HR manager, MD, CEO or any person looking to hire staff there is no shortage of options where to advertise your job vacancy. In fact, it’s a minefield and you often find yourself in a situation of parting with £100 plus just to get your vacancy uploaded onto a site and hoping that job seekers both find it and apply for it.

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Now there are some fundamental pitfalls with the way current job boards operate, this invariably means your adverts may be missed by the right job seekers. Job boards have been available since the late 90’s when job adverts moved from published adverts to online adverts. This was transformational at the time and allowed candidates to look for an array of jobs online by using key word matching. Albeit at the time this digitalisation of job searching was a radical change, the technology has stagnated and the user experience for candidates is actually quite poor.

So how does this affect you as a hirer? It means that if a job seeker uses a different keyword to search your role than you have used in the job title then your job won’t be displayed to the candidate. That perfect candidate has now gone and potentially applied for a different role just because the technology sat behind the service you have paid for is not optimal.

The ROI on your £100 is under question as not only is the price of the advert important, so is the speed to fill your role. I will give you an example, there are numerous ways of naming a class 1 driver. The actual technical term is LGV C+E but some recruiters still use HGV 1, Class 1 Driver, Heavy Goods Driver, HGV Driver. You place your advert with the title HGV 1 and the candidate uses LGV C + E to look for roles, this means you have missed a potential candidate. You could have been the perfect match for each other! The same applies for numerous roles; call centre staff being another example, Call Centre Agents, Inbound Agents, Call Centre Operatives, they are all pretty much the same role and the same scenario applies. You can try the scenario above on any job board you like to see for yourself.

A lot of recruiters are obviously wise to the above and try to cram as many keywords into the job as possible to cover all bases but, it’s still a poor experience and unnecessary with the right technology. Spelling mistakes are another issue. People make mistakes and if you mistype your job title or a job seeker miss spells whilst searching it is another match opportunity lost for you.

Location-based searching also brings a raft of issues. Let’s be honest, your major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham are big places and the majority of geo-locations that job boards run on will locate you in the centre of one of these cities. Now unless you live in the centre and the job is actually located in the centre you will run into issues when job searching. Results will be presented back within what you believe is five miles from where you live only to actually be the other side of the city on further investigation. What a waste of time.

Fortunately, with the advances in our technology, there is a smarter and faster way of hirers and candidates getting matched to each other. Zoek uses the latest advances in machine learning technology to eradicate all the above the issues. Zoek identifies synonyms so that candidates who say the same thing but in a different way still get the relevant search results meaning that LGV, C + E Driver or Call Centre Agent sees your job.Zoek use’s postcodes for accurate distance searching meaning the right candidates are served your job advert. You can even hide the exact location in the advert if you wish to, safe in the knowledge they will still receive the result. We even have the spelling mistake issue covered. Adding to all of the above semantic tools allow Zoek to suggest your role to candidates with the right skill set and the ability to match candidates to perfect job role, saving both recruiters and job seekers time and effort all for a lot less than that £100 price tag you pay elsewhere.

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