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5 Reasons to look for a new job during the coronavirus outbreak

Published: Wednesday 23rd September 2020

The impact of Covid-19 has hit millions of workers across the UK. The country has set out how it will recover economically, and businesses have had to re-assess their plans and targets.  Some sectors are recovering earlier than others, which is a source of comfort for people who are looking for a new job. However, a second wave of the coronavirus may mean that UK jobs are uncertain for a little while longer. Candidates who are seeking jobs in this current climate should look at which sectors are currently hiring. Recent graduates are even looking at delaying their careers by undertaking a gap year whilst the effects of the coronavirus continue. Yet suitable roles are available in multiple industries, and there is set to be an increase in the coming months. Here are some of the reasons why some people are looking to move on to a new job. 

Looking for a new job due to redundancies 

The government job retention scheme has reached its conclusion, after potentially saving hundreds of thousands of roles.  However, many UK jobs have still been lost as companies make significant cutbacks and streamline their organisations. Some industries have been hit harder financially, so therefore there are a vast number of workers who are seeking a new job. In fact, one in three UK businesses have made redundancies in this period. This is a reason beyond your control, but you can use this a positive rather than a negative as many people are in the same position and can now look for a new start. 

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Uncertainty around your organisation 

If your company is not making immediate redundancies, this does not necessarily mean that it is comfortable financially. Loyalty in the face of adversity should be commended. However, savvy employees should be able to detect if the financial pressures will eventually catch up with the organisation. Even some of the biggest companies have had to cut their workforce. Therefore, you might decide that now is the time to look for a new job. Being prepared for this possible eventuality could pay off if you are looking for suitable roles before your situation changes. 

Looking for a new job because a new challenge is required

The Covid-19 pandemic has given workers a chance to re-assess where they are at in their careers. If your role has become quite stale, then you might be thinking of a change in environment. You may have personal goals of becoming a manager in your field, and other companies in your sector might present you with this opportunity. Knowing whether to accept a new position can be a difficult decision to make. Yet this potential new job could be the challenge that you are desperately looking for. 

Fantastic prospects elsewhere 

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Despite the effects of the pandemic, some businesses are thriving and there are some great prospects in many industries. The rise in applications for some positions is no doubt linked to redundancies. However, this is also due to the fact that there are clear opportunities to progress elsewhere. Thousands of new jobs are being created and if the prospects in your current position do not match your ambitions, you may find that your future prospects are a lot brighter in other organisations. 

Candidates seeking a change in career 

After re-assessing your goals, you might well decide that this a chance to pursue a career in other areas. Some candidates might decide to take on evening courses to further their skillset, or even go back to university to study something different. Searching for a new job could take you to various different industries. Some of these might be a natural transition such as going from a social media role to a broad marketing role. In contrast, some candidates might prefer a new sector because of the opportunities that have arisen since Covid-19.

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