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Why Zoek is A Better Job Search (& the funny jobs we get searched for)

Published: Friday 9th September 2016

Here at Zoek HQ we are all about job matching rather than job searching. What we mean by this is that we use state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure you receive the jobs you actually want when you perform a job search. Traditional methods and boards use keyword search technology – meaning you get account manager jobs when searching for project manager roles since the manager is in the title. This leads to frustration and a whole lot of refining your job search to get the results you really want to see.

We always try our best to ensure we present back relevant results, but what we don’t do at Zoek is just provide job adverts for the sake of it. The ‘throw enough mud and some will stick’ approach is not how we operate. Of course we also understand that we can’t help everybody in the quest for a new job. We are only as good as the advertisers that place their job adverts with us and we can’t work miracles.
Some job seekers obviously believe we can though, and as a job search engine we record and log some of the funniest and strangest job searches you will have come across including poverty and Tony Blair. Yes, that’s correct somebody actually wants Tony Blair’s job or to be Tony Blair himself!

Here’s the top 12 funniest job searches we have, as you will see there is a lot of wishful thinking taking place:

1. Bicycle Carrier
2. Tony Blair
3. Football
4. Adult Actor
5. Exotic Maid
6. Alone
7. Cloning
8. Clinging
9. Catwalk Model
10. Cheese Seller
11. Poverty
12. Escort Model

Our particular favourite though deserves its own sentence. Giraffe milker! Yes, that’s right, one job seeker searched for the role of a Giraffe milker. We didn’t even know that was a real job! You also need to factor in that we are a UK based job board and we aren’t even sure how many Giraffes are actually in the UK.

We also see a lot of searches performed with the words spelt incorrectly. For example, assistant seems to catch out an awful lot of people when keying in a search. With traditional keyword searching this will ensure you only see jobs where the word assistant has been misspelt. That’s right, hirers misspell it also! Zoek allows candidates and recruiters to perhaps mis-type words and still get the matches, since we have catered for this in our concept algorithms. Just another reason why you should use Zoek when searching for your next perfect job role.

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