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Work place romance: Fancy your chances?

Published: Tuesday 14th February 2017


The secret’s out and you might be surprised by how much it happens. Just what are the odds of workplace romance? Luckily, Vault have done the maths for us with a survey, and we’ve got all the juicy statistics you need to know about romance in the workplace.

Who’s involved?

Half of all people. Look around your office and one in two have admitted some kind of fling with a work colleague.

Boys or Girls?

Interestingly, 22% of men admitted to a random workplace hookup, whereas 15% of women reported the same. That 7% difference is what puzzles us….

Which Industries?

It happens the most in the hospitality and tourism industries with 61% saying they’ve had some kind of workplace romance. The least likely to engage in extracurricular activities are those working in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals at 24%.

For how long?

Of those who have been with a coworker, 42% said it was an ongoing, casual relationship and 36% classed it as a “random office hookup. 29% had been in a serious, long-term relationship.

Do it again?

Nearly two-thirds of people who have said they would have another. Most who have been involved with a colleague has already done so before.


71% men said they would do it again, whereas 43% of women would NOT do it again.

Power Game?

male with lipstick marks on his collar
Unsurprisingly, men are 3 times more likely to have dated a subordinate.

Which generation?

Baby Boomers have been involved the most, with 66%. This is more than Gen Xers or Millenials, who have plenty of time to grow older and catch up!

So, does it last?

Fewer than 10% of either gender met their spouse at work, so a lively lunch break doesn’t have a big likelihood of bringing longtime love.

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