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Working In The Hospitality Industry

Published: Monday 16th March 2015

The hospitality industry is huge, with jobs in tourism, food, fitness and much more. Whether you’re a graduate with an interest in the industry, or an experienced worker looking for the next move, there is a wealth of opportunities to be had. There are many ways to scoop a job in hospitality, and you do not always need the qualifications to start with. Many jobs offer hospitality graduate training or you could consider taking a postgraduate qualification in order to increase your skills. 

Cruise ship waiting for passengers to board

How To Apply For A Hospitality Job

The type of job application depends entirely on the employer. Some employers will prefer application forms while others will want you to submit your CV. You may be called for one interview, or you may find that there are several interview stages. Depending on the size of the organisation and the role you are applying for, there may even be an assessment stage. Before embarking on an application, research the organisation thoroughly so you know what to expect. 

Qualifications For Hospitality Jobs

As the hospitality industry employ people at every level, you do not necessarily need a degree, particularly for an entry-level position. However, you may have more opportunities to progress if you have a relevant qualification in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector, whether you opt for a diploma or foundation degree, or something higher such as an undergraduate or masters degree. If you’d prefer to learn as you go, many employers offer on-the-job training and schemes that allow you to earn a vocational education and hands-on experience.

Illustration depicting a sign with a Hospitality concept.

As well as this, the hospitality industry is people-orientated, so it’s important to prove you have excellent interpersonal skills, no matter what hospitality job you are interested in. This means demonstrating your excellent communication skills, ability to work as part of a team, enthusiasm and commitment. Researching the organisation you are interested in and familiarising yourself with their ethos and objectives will help you demonstrate your interest. 

Desirable Knowledge 

Work experience can give you a taste of the industry and help you decide which sector of the hospitality industry you’d most like to work in. Getting experience early on can also set you apart from the competition. There are some skills that make you more desirable. If you are hoping to secure a leisure job, you should aim to equip yourself with as many of these skills as possible. 

Customer Service

Customer service executive working at office, hospitality industry, leisure

As the leisure industry is focused on customer service and satisfaction, it’s vital to have excellent customer service skills. Work experience in any job that deals with members of the public can equip you with the necessary skills. 

Foreign Languages

You may think learning a foreign language is only advantageous if you plan to work abroad, but if you want to work within the hospitality industry in the UK, having a foreign language can help you to stand out as a candidate and make you much more desirable as you can easily communicate with international customers. 

Commercial Knowledge

If you are looking for a hospitality job, it’s likely that you already have an interest in the industry and a desire to learn more. However, demonstrating your commercial awareness makes you a more desirable candidate, so do what you can to build your CV. 

IT Skills

Close up of business man hand working on laptop computer with business strategy diagram on wooden desk as concept

The hospitality industry is continually growing and evolving, and computer literacy will make you a much more interesting candidate. From dealing with online bookings to sprucing up the company website to boosting its social media presence, expertise in IT is viewed very positively. 

Working Within The Hospitality Industry

Adventure tourism, cruise liners, fitness, bars and clubs and heritage sites are just some of the areas covered by the leisure industry. Although you will most likely begin in an entry-level position, there is huge opportunity for rapid advancement. However, it is important to keep your expectations realistic, as the size of your salary will greatly depend upon the size of the company you work for. 

No matter what kind of hospitality job you are looking for, there is something for everyone in the hospitality industry. Zoek is the faster, smarter way to find a job within the leisure industry. Our mobile phone app contains thousands of jobs from hundreds of recruitment agencies so you are bound to find your dream leisure job through Zoek.

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