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Zoek, The Intelligent Job Board

Published: Wednesday 3rd December 2014

You’ve got that feeling – you’re in the wrong job and it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to look for your ideal job.

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You shiver, partly with excitement and partly because you know that looking for a job – any job, let alone your ideal one – takes time and dedication. Lots of time and dedication. You’ve got all the dedication you need and more. Time is a different kettle of fish, though. It’s the bottleneck that could hinder your search. It could even cause you to miss out on that job. You think about it, trying to figure out where all your time goes and how you can find more of it. And it’s not just time you need. It has to be time when you’re really on the case; when you’re at your sharpest. An obvious answer pops into your head: work. You spend a lot of time there, and that’s when you’re at your most focused. But there’s a problem – you mustn’t be seen to be using your employer’s time or resources to serve your own purposes. Your employer might not take too kindly to that. Best rule it out, then. We all know the old adage about a bird in the hand… You’re not at your best in the mornings, faced with the slog into work and the depressing thought of another unsatisfying day. And as for weekday evenings? Well, let’s just say that you make Jack Dee look effervescent. And then there’s all that other stuff that gets in the way – cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, spending time with friends and family…you get the drift. It all takes its toll, and you need to be alert if you’re to bag the job that you really want.

The Recruitment Agency conundrum

You could use a recruitment agency, but that’d be putting your eggs into one basket. Not ideal, is it? ‘Ah’, you might think, ‘ but what if I used several agencies? That’d give me the coverage I’m looking for.’ And you’d be right – using several agencies would decrease the chances of your perfect job being at the proverbial harbour whilst you’re at the airport. But there’s a snag. Or two. Or three. Using multiple agencies means you have to invest time into contacting them, setting up your profile and communicating with them. It all has to be done on an individual basis, and your time is already at a premium. And there’s more. Have you remembered to provide identical CVs to every agency? It won’t look good if an employer receives two rather different CVs from the same candidate, will it?

Come to think of it, some employers aren’t desperately keen on receiving a CV for the same candidate from two or more agencies… What if your CV is sent out without your permission by a well-intentioned but over-eager recruitment agent? After all, there may be some people that you’d prefer not to be informed of your desire to seek pastures new. Your CV might even be sent to your current employer. Now, that would be a fun conversation, wouldn’t it? And the more agencies you use, the greater the chance there is of these kind of foul-ups happening. So what’s the solution? Give up? Stick with one agency? Have someone make a clone of you? Surely there must be a better way.

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A better way

What if there was there a faster and smarter way to find your ideal job? What if most of the hard work was done for you, allowing you to concentrate your efforts into finding and getting that perfect job?

Let’s suppose there was an app that put you in control, allowed you to set specific parameters (things like sector, salary range and location), compared your criteria against jobs from a multitude of recruiters, automatically alerted you to the jobs that matched your criteria and left it up to you to decide whether or not to contact that recruiter? And what if that app also allowed you to share your job matches with other people? It’s too good to be true, isn’t it? Or is it?

Allow us to introduce Zoek, a multi-platform app that puts you in control of your search for the ideal job. Zoek is quick, easy and intuitive to use. All you have to do is: – set up your profile – select the specific criteria you’re looking for in a job – sit back while Zoek compares your preferences to jobs submitted to the platform by recruiters. You’ll be informed of matching jobs, leaving it up to you to decide whether to contact that recruiter or not. And for as long as your profile is live, new matches will be sent to you as they come in. It’s like a dating site for jobs. And it’ll help you find your ideal job. Zoek is a free to use app for download on iPhone or Android.

Simply register your details, save your search criteria and wait for the notifications to come through. Good luck!


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