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Part-Time Seasonal Flexible Sortation Associate - Delivery Station

  • Location: Carlsbad
  • Salary: 11.75-11.75
  • Contract hours: FullTime

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About the job

Our Delivery Stations allow you to worknpart-time early morning or late night shifts. We are looking for individualsnwho can thrive in a fast-paced warehouse environment that involves working withnand around moving machinery and vehicles. Our AMZL Sortation Associates are thenfinal step in ensuring that each and every package gets delivered to ourncustomers on time.Shift Details:nBe willing to work an early morning ornlate night shift on a part-time basisnWe are currently hiring for our Flexiblenovernight shifts which are typically from 1:15 AM – 6:15 AMnThis role is a flexible Part-Time, upnto 20 hours per weeknScheduled days are posted daily andnweekly. You will be able to select the days you want to work. (Subject tonbusiness needs)nAbility to work nights, weekends andnholidaysnThere are no guaranteed minimum weeklynhoursnGet shift requests and accept themnright on your phone!nExtra $0.50 shift differential fornworking nightsWorking in our warehousenSafetynfirst:We are committednto providing one of the safest work environments, which means rules are to benfollowednChangingntemperatures: Warehousentemperatures can widely vary based upon local weather conditions, and maynoccasionally exceed 90 degreesnCustomernobsession:Workingnvigorously to earn and keep customer trustnQuality isnkey:Deliveringnresults with the right quality in a timely fashionnBenflexible:Associatesnshould be open to extra hours, time off, and a fast paced environmentnRotatingntasks: Associatesnwill rotate tasks multiple times throughout the weeknVariousnnoise levels: Noisenlevels may grow loud at timesBenefitsnWeekly paynschedulenHolidaynovertime paynBasic Life,nAD&D insurancenOn-the-jobntraining and skill developmentnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnEmployeenAssistance Program



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Did you know that Zoek has over 100,000 UK jobs available, your next job could be a click away! Start a new job search on Zoek!

Did you know that Zoek has over 100,000 UK jobs available, your next job could be a click away! Start a new job search on Zoek!