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Shift Requirements:All PrimenNow associates will start on a standard training schedule. Once thatntraining is complete you will be able to select your own shift giving you thenultimate flexibility!Flexible Shift OptionsnThis role is part-time, up to 20 hoursnper week – the available shifts and number of hours each week will vary onnbusiness neednA flexible schedule is key – wenespecially need associates who like to work on Saturday and SundaynSelect from the weekly posted shiftsnthat work with your schedule – our business typically operates between 6 am ton10 pm dailynAverage shifts are 4-5 hours long andnyou can work up to 10 hours per daynAbility to work days, nights, weekends,nholidaysnAbility to work all process paths,nincluding all our locations within a metro areanYou are comfortable with the onlinenshopping experiencenFlexible options include 5 and 10 hoursnshifts on Saturday and SundayWhat it’s like to work as a Prime Now AssociatenCustomernobsession:Working vigorously to earn andnkeep customer trustnQuality isnkey:Delivering results with the rightnquality in a timely fashionnTeamwork: Working well in team environments – we’re better together!nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnFlexibility:Associates should be open to extra hours, time off, and a fast pacednenvironment

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