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Sales Manager


£20,000 - £23,000 OTE


The Role

The purpose of the role is to oversee and manage the sales team and set daily, weekly and monthly targets. The ideal candidate will implement sales management training within the Company and implement specific sales training modules.

Update and ensure all performance boards are up to date
To run the sales team and set daily, weekly and monthly targets
To implement Basic Sales Training and Sales Management Training within the company
To implement specific sales training modules and deliver existing sales modules
To periodically review and update the sales training material and scripts
To identify opportunities to develop the Sales Training capability
Prepare/attend weekly management meetings
Actively carry out the sales role to include outgoing calls, incoming calls, party referrals, outreach marketing initiatives and update excel spreadsheets.

Main responsibilities:


To work with the Management Team to identify risks in the business and develop learning strategies to overcome them
To keep accurate records of all training delivered and feedback on those attending
To deliver remedial training as part of the S.T identified as 'at risk'
To assess the quality of in-club training provided by the S.M.


Develop qualitative sales training to ensure that integrity of the sale is upheld to maximize revenue for each sale made
To work within and support any marketing price promotions or initiatives as they are implemented
To support the Selling Team in achieving Product Mix targets


Equip all sales team members with basic sales training at the earliest opportunity
Provide opportunities for development to the role of S.M
Work with the Sales team to identify where performance can be improved by specific training
To agree goals in terms of performance ratios and other improvement opportunities
Deliver training to ensure qualitative success alongside agreed activity goals
Analyse available sales performance data to pro-actively develop training provision

Training & Development:

Seek out good practice from other competitors and from outside the industry
Work with the Park Manager to develop strategic initiatives


Compile emails with a training focus

Take part in Conference calls with a training focus

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