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Relief Support Workers, Woodbridge, Saxmundham and Sawston

  • Location: Woodbridge & Saxmundham
  • Salary: £9.14 per hour plus sleep in payments
  • Contract hours: FullTime

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About the job

Suffolk MindsRelief Pool Workers provide cover to housing projects at times of staffingshortage. Permanent staff are always available on an on-call system to provideback-up and advice to Relief Workers.
The overall aim of Suffolk Mind's housing projects is to enable people who have experienced mental health problems to live in ordinary housing and achieve as normal a lifestyle as possible. Staff provide the day to day guidance to people living at the projects under the leadership of the Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader.

    Therole is a flexible one. This arises from the need to provide staff cover to theprojects, and support the changing needs of service users. The number of hoursrequired will vary as demand arises. There is no obligation for Suffolk Mind toprovide work to relief workers, as is there no obligation for workers to acceptoffers of work. 3. MAINRESPONSIBILITIES
    3.1 To form caring and supportiverelationships with users of the service which at all times respects theirpersonal dignity and rights.
    3.2 To encourage participation in all aspectsof the service.
    3.3 To assist users of the service inclaiming welfare benefits, as appropriate, and seek to maximise uptake.
    3.4 To assist users of the service inmaintaining a reasonable standard of health and safety in their accommodation,and to promote awareness of these issues.
    3.5 To assist in keeping the accommodation ingood condition and to promote a reasonable standard of domestic management.This may include working practically alongside service users.
    3.6 To provide advice on housing needs andrights and assist service users when moving, if appropriate.
    3.7 Through the use of Support Agreements, toprovide an overall service of support, advice, advocacy in such a way as todevelop personal choice and autonomy.
    3.8 To aim to enable users of the service toachieve the fullest possible independence from support services, throughworking with them to develop their skills and opportunities.
    3.9 To provide practical support and adviceto enable users of the service to organise educational, work and socialactivities, in line with their wishes.
    3.10 To offer appropriate support in times of crisis, and to facilitate preventive work which may include promoting service users' self-awareness and/or the involvement of other relevant agencies. 3.11 To assist clients with their responsibilityfor self-care, offering advice as appropriate. .
    3.12. Under the guidance of the projectmanagement, and in accordance with Suffolk Mind adopted policy and procedure,to take responsibility for the handling and administration of prescribed medication,as and when appropriate. 4. LIAISON
    4.1 To actively develop positiverelationships with other agencies in order to further the best interests ofusers of the service, liaising as appropriate, at all times respectingconfidentiality in accordance with Suffolk Mind policy.
    4.2 To act as an advocate for clients, eg onwelfare rights issues, attending case conferences, helping to resolve disputes,assisting in negotiations with housing providersetc.
    4.3 Research and maintain awareness of a widerange of services and opportunities which may interest users of the service.
    4.4 Where appropriate, to assist serviceusers in selecting and accessing resources such as advocacy services, trainingand employment opportunities, leisure and educational services, healthservices, expert welfare rights advice etc. 5. ADMINISTRATIVETASKS
    To assistwith the general administrative tasks concerned with the running of the projectas delegated by the Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader, such as: a. maintainingproper written documentation relating to users of the service, projectrecords, care logs etc.
    b. keeping proper entries in project recordsof petty cash and other expenditure, in accordance with Suffolk Mind practice. c. torecord receipt of rent payments and other monies.
    d. to submit accurate claim and recordforms as required, eg, monthly
    timesheetsand mileage forms, meeting theappropriate deadlines.
      Duties maybe reviewed from time to time, in accordance with the needs of users of theservice and requirements of the project. 6.1 Hoursof Work
      Hours of work will be inresponse to demand, including evening and weekend work on a shift system. Sleepin cover may also be requested. Occasional waking night cover may be necessary,paid as enhanced working hours.7. OTHERTERMS AND CONDITIONS
      7.1 There is no entitlement to occupational sickpay, superannuation or other employment benefits, other than those required bylaw.
      7.2 Relief workers are required to complete a timesheet at the end of the month in which any hours are worked and to submit it to the management team of that project. This timesheet will be approved by the management team and forwarded to Suffolk Mind's payroll system.
      7.3 Pool workers will be registered as part of Suffolk Mind's payroll and paid monthly according to actual hours worked. Tax and National Insurance contributions will be deducted from pay, as appropriate.
      7.4 Payment will be made direct into the worker's bank/building society account. Payment advice will be sent to individuals from Suffolk Mind. Pay and Allowances
      £9.14 per hour
      Sleep-in duties
      Sleep in cover may be requested. Hours of work As and when required. Pool workers and Suffolk Mind are not obliged to offer or accept working hours.
      Mileage Allowance
      For authorised travel incurred in the course of duties, costs will be reimbursed at the prevailing rate as detailed in the Staff Benefits & Rewards policy.
      Employment Benefits
      Training and Qualification Opportunities
      Suffolk Mind is committed to achieving high standards of training for its workers. We provide a range of in-house induction and foundation training courses designed to meet service standards
      Support to undertake relevant qualifications will be provided. In-house training available, aimed at improving skills and knowledge.
      RELIEFSUPPORT WORKERThefollowing criteria are required for this post. Please make sure that you demonstrate how you meet the criteria, eitherin a paid or unpaid capacity. AREA OF REQUIREMENT ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE Experience At least one years experience of working with people who have long term mental health needs or associated field Community Work Skills/ Knowledge Good Communicator Basic IT and Administration skills Housing legislation Basic awareness of Welfare rights and benefits Knowledge of issues affecting relevant to Mental Health Relevant practical skills and willingness to support individuals in practical everyday tasks Skills in providing personal emotional support to people who experience emotional distress Awareness of issues of diversity Awareness Health and Safety in Supported Housing Ability Ability to organise own workload and use initiative Ability to advocate on behalf of users of the service Ability to respect the rights and confidentiality of individual users of the service Personal Attributes Able to commit to the aims and values of Suffolk Mind Able to work at times under pressure Able to work with people experiencing acute mental distress Able to work within a small team Able to undertake sleep-in duties Able to work shifts and flexible hours*

Certificate in Community Mental Health NVQ Level 3 in relevant area
Other relevant qualifications



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Did you know that Zoek has over 100,000 UK jobs available, your next job could be a click away! Start a new job search on Zoek!