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One of the many advantages of admin and secretarial & pa jobs is the broad range of duties involved, meaning such jobs are rarely repetitive or boring. Duties will vary depending on the specific role you take, for example your daily routine as a personal assistant may differ significantly to that of a secretary and will therefore depend on the admin and secretarial & pa employer.

However, admin and secretarial & pa jobs do feature general duties that are similar, including typing, answering phone calls, answering emails and scheduling meetings, and therefore admin and secretarial & pa employers will place an importance on these areas.

There is no specific qualification requirement for admin and secretarial & pa jobs in the UK. Whilst this means anybody can apply, there are certain skill sets that admin and secretarial & pa employers will look for and which will therefore help you in this area. Desired skills for admin and secretarial & pa jobs include good IT and organisational abilities, as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills. For higher-level secretarial and pa positions you may be required to have some admin or secretarial experience, whilst lower-level positions will often provide on-the-job training.

Career prospects when working in admin and secretarial & pa jobs will often depend on your own skill sets and determination. Individuals in such positions often become an integral and vital part of a business, thereby opening up opportunities for development and promotion. Different promotion routes for such roles include moving to other departments within a business, moving to a larger business with more responsibilities and becoming a PA for someone in upper management.

Salaries for Admin, Secretarial and PA jobs often start around £15,000 a year for those with no experience, but can rise to £27,000 + for a PA, with many admin and secretarial & pa employers beginning to better understand the importance of such roles.

There are numerous advantages to Admin, Secretarial and PA jobs, with one of the biggest being these positions often do not require any formal qualifications or experience. Therefore, if you are presentable, eager to learn and have good communications skills, you have a great chance of working in admin and secretarial & pa.

An additional advantage to working in this sector is that admin and secretarial & pa employers are found in every industry, providing much more freedom of movement that other positions. Other benefits to working in admin and secretarial & pa include the opportunity to meet lots of different people, gaining a good understanding of how a business works and the likelihood that no two days will ever be the same.

Admin and secretarial & pa jobs have traditionally suffered from a poor image, that of someone, often a female, simply answering phone calls and making cups of tea. Thankfully this is changing, with more and more admin and secretarial & pa employers realising the important role these positions play. As a result, training opportunities, promotion prospects and salaries have risen accordingly. Furthermore, once seen as a predominantly female-only area, an increasing number of admin and secretarial & pa employers are mow employing males in such positions.

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