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We found 116 Aviation Jobs in the UK

With approximately 10 million people employed in the aviation industry globally, and the British aviation industry being the 2nd largest in the world, there has perhaps never been a better time to seek aviation jobs in the UK. Working in aviation can depend enormously on what role you take and can include everything from aerospace engineers and technicians to flight attendants, air traffic controllers and commercial pilots.

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What you will be doing day-to-day will depend on the aviation industry job you decide on. From designers and engineers who help create and develop aeroplanes, to aviation jobs such as air traffic controllers who help keep everybody safe in the air, there are many different aviation jobs available. However, whatever position you seek, aviation employers place huge importance on safety. As such, most aviation jobs feature a strict adherence to regulations and procedures as these are seen as cornerstones of the entire industry.

The qualifications you need will depend largely on what aviation jobs you are seeking. For example, you will need to have at least graduated from secondary school to be considered for a flight attendant role, with this position also involving extensive in-house training. Other aviation jobs, such as engineer, air traffic controller and flight crew will require formal education, such as a degree. Most aviation employers will likely require candidates to have excellent health and a strong academic record.

In such a dynamic, global and massive industry, your career prospects when working in aviation are almost unlimited. In particular, the UK aviation employers continues to expand, with the industry seeing over £30 billion in annual sales. Furthermore, this figure is nearly matched by the closely related UK aviation defence industry. Aviation employers in the UK directly employ more than 120,000 people, and a similar number indirectly.

The UK aviation industry is massive, and as such there are many different aviation jobs to choose from. With aviation employers so strong at the moment, salaries are generally high, with many aviation jobs offering multiple opportunities for promotion and personal development. Furthermore, with aviation companies located throughout the entire UK, there is a great chance you will be able to find a suitable position near to where you live.

With a focus on passenger safety and the very serious consequences that can occur if there is a problem, working in aviation in certain areas can be quite stressful. Other considerations to be taken when considering working in aviation include the amount of travelling that may be involved, with flight cabin crew and pilots being two obvious areas.

Whilst pilot training was traditionally paid for by aviation employers, this is now becoming much rarer. This means that if you now want to become a pilot it is highly likely that you will have to pay for the training yourself, with many training programs quite expensive.