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There are many different aspects to working in charity & fundraising, and as such it is likely your everyday tasks will vary. Typical duties for charity & fundraising jobs include approaching individuals and organisations regarding funding, as well as helping with related activities such as promotional events. What you will be doing when working in charity & fundraising will also depend on the type of charity, with corporate fundraising being more business-to-business orientated and community charity & fundraising jobs involving the general public more.

There are no formal qualification requirements or preferred routes for charity & fundraising jobs However, many charity & fundraising employers may prefer you to have a university degree, and therefore having one will likely give you an advantage over others.

Likewise, having previous charity/fundraising experience is of course preferable but not always possible for many positions. Other traits looked for by charity & fundraising employers include good team working and people management abilities, administrative and organisational skills and commercial / business awareness.

Career prospects in charity & fundraising jobs are often largely dependent on the size of the organisation, with larger charities offering greater scope for promotion and development. However, running parallel with this is that you will likely have much more responsibility when working in charity & fundraising and be involved in a wider range of activities. Furthermore, because of the nature of many charity & fundraising jobs, you may also find yourself being given the opportunity to move into different areas of the organisation, such as HR and communications.

There are numerous benefits to working in charity & fundraising, with one of the biggest being the satisfaction gained from helping people. Other benefits associated with charity & fundraising jobs include working with like-minded people who are often driven to achieve a common goal, as well as most charity & fundraising employers focusing on issues other than commercial ones. Stable working environments, flexible hours and the increased opportunity to work part time are other advantages to working in this role.

Like any job, there can also be disadvantages to working in charity & fund raising. Whilst many such positions do not offer huge salaries to trainees, this can change once you have gained experience, with some director-level positions in the industry earning upwards of £60,000. Other disadvantages include the relatively small size of the industry, as well as the low turnover of positions, which in turn results in fewer employment opportunities being available compared to other industries.

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