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The daily routine of construction & skilled trades job will of course depend on the role you decide to follow. From a labourer on a construction site involved in tasks such as painting, drilling and assembling scaffolding, to an electrician tasked with wiring a new home, there are many career avenues you can pursue and construction & skilled trades employers you can work for. Popular construction & skilled trades jobs include:

  • Bricklayers
  • Masons
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Gas Engineers
  • Carpenters and Joiners

There are various construction qualifications that you can gain that will help when working in construction & skilled trades. Many apprentice courses can be taken straight from school with construction & skilled trades employers but are still generally open to applicants of any age. Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular, with many large UK construction & skilled trades employers now offering these with the promise of full-time work after graduation.

Such apprenticeships are available in four levels, from intermediate levels which are the equivalent to GCSEs to degree levels that are the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher. Character traits desirable by construction & skilled trades employers include working well with your hands, patience and the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.

With growth of the UK construction industry showing no signs of slowing down, and demand for new buildings and homes only increasing, working in construction & skilled trades is a good career choice. Established training and qualification routes also make long-term career prospects for many construction & skilled trades jobs in the UK industry appealing.

Once fully trained, becoming your own boss is another option open available, with many self-employed skilled labourers working in construction & skilled trades job and able to significantly increase their salaries and improve their lifestyle.

There are many advantages to working in construction & skilled trades, from job stability and the provision of training, to the presence of strong health & safety laws designed to protect you. Other benefits include working outdoors, being part of a team and the general fast paced and challenging nature of daily life on a construction site. Construction sector salaries in the UK are also highly attractive, with average salaries hovering around the £45,000 level (accounting for the higher premium paid to those working in construction & skilled trades jobs in London).

For some, the physical, outdoor nature of construction jobs is not appealing. Furthermore, on-site work can often be slightly dangerous, and may also involve working at height. Whilst the industry is very strong, it can still be heavily influenced by external factors such as government restraints and drops in the general economy. As such, some construction sectors can be slightly volatile, making them less attractive to some people.

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