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The daily routine of education & teaching jobs depends on the what part of the education sector you decide to enter. For example, working in education & teaching at infant and junior schools will be very different to those at colleges and universities. For schools, the average working day is 8 hours, but can be longer if there is a need for after-hours meetings, grading, etc.

Strict regulations exist surrounding education & teaching jobs, including the need for you to possess a certain level of qualification. Most education & teaching employers require you to have a university degree, as well as additional specialised training and passing a full background security check.

On top of a degree and certain GCSE (including maths and English), you will need to complete a one-year teaching training course which will involve you working in education and teaching. There are slight differences in requirements depending on where in the UK you are located and what education & teaching jobs you are seeking, and you are therefore advised to check what these may be.

There are various promotion routes for teachers working in education & teaching. Promotion in education & teaching jobs will feature greater responsibility and increased salaries, with these usually dependent on performance reviews by education & teaching employers. Teaching career prospects can include being promoted to head of a department and headteacher.

Salaries for education & teaching jobs depend on various factors, including location (London teachers on average earn £5,000 more annually) and your previous performance reviews. Qualified teachers can expect to earn anything from £24,000 – £40,000, with headteachers earning in the range of £45,000 – £105,000.

For many, working in education & teaching is a calling more than a job. Therefore, education & teaching jobs bring with them many benefits that simply can’t be found in other careers. Such benefits to working in education & teaching include the knowledge that you are making a real difference to young peoples’ lives in terms of how they interact with others, a well as shaping their world view and even what career they may seek to enter.

Other benefits to working in education & teaching include no two days being the same, lots of opportunities to progress in your career, good job security and of course long summer holidays!

Whilst any disadvantages to teaching will of course depend on your own outlook and situation, there are various common complaints that cannot be ignored. These issues include ever-increasing workloads being given by education & teaching employers, the fact that you are always ‘on’ as a teacher, uninterested students, budget restraints and the inherent difficulties of dealing with young people and their parents.

Another common problem surrounding education & teaching jobs is falling out of love with teaching, something that can happen quickly or over a number of years, and which can leave a person unsure as to their next career move and wary of education and teaching employers.

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