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If you are organised, enjoy working with others and operate well under pressure, then working in facilities management may be a great career choice. Day-to-day life is often varied as facilities management jobs can feature many different areas of responsibility, including maintenance, cleaning, health & safety, security and utilities and communications infrastructure for everyone using a facility.

There are a variety of qualifications that are desirable with facilities management employers and which will help you enter facilities management. This includes some UK universities and collages now offering courses specifically designed around working in facilities management.

Whilst you do not require a degree to enter this industry, having one in areas such as building management, hospitality, management or business studies will help with facilities management employers. Entry without a degree is possible for some facilities management jobs, particularly if you possess experience and skills gained from a similar role, such as relationship-building and project management abilities.

With the UK facilities management industry employing roughly 10% of the nation’s workforce, there will be many opportunities to advance your career. Facilities management jobs cover every type of business, including public, private and non-profit, and can include industrial facilities, large public buildings, sports stadiums, schools and offices.

Many managers working in facilities management began their careers as assistants in specific areas, such as cleaning, before progressing onto a general management role. Such senior roles can develop further into regional and sector management positions.

As you can see, there are various benefits to working in facilities management. One of the most obvious being stability, with the industry continuing to show excellent growth and potential. Furthermore, you will be able to work for a variety of facilities management employers, including government, retail and residential.

Salaries vary depending on the size, type and location of the facilities you will be working with. Facilities management jobs such as assistant facilities manager will pay around £20,000 – £27,000, with facilities managers earning anything in the region of £30,000 to £60,000.

With facilities management being a service, you will at times be expected to handle complaints from disgruntled people when working in facilities management. Furthermore, most facilities management employers will expect you to deal with a wide range of issues, often in sudden and stressful circumstances for those involved. Facilities management jobs feature an average 40-hour working week but you may be required to work longer on occasion, particularly for facilities that are managed 24 hours.

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