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Health, safety & security jobs involve a variety of related tasks, including carrying out regular inspections of sites and equipment, creating status reports for management and carrying out recommendations to improve safety. Working in health, safety & security will involve a mixture of off-site and on-site work, as well as regular opportunities to work outdoors. Health, safety & security employers will expect you to offer advice and support to various departments of a business, as well as colleagues of all levels; from shop-floor workers to executive-level management.

Health, safety & security jobs were traditionally passed off to individuals on top of their own duties. However, this is changing, with health, safety & security employers now seeking individuals with specific experience and qualifications. Useful areas of experience include construction, engineering, manufacturing and risk assessment.

Many qualifications are at the postgraduate level and aimed at individuals wanting to specifically become a health and safety professional. Additional skills and personality traits that are useful when working in health, safety & security include strong communications skills, confidence, physical fitness and a driving licence.

With health, safety and security jobs covering so many different sectors, there will be many opportunities for you to further your career, including focusing on a specific area of specialisation such as power plant safety. Once you are working in health, safety & security and have the relevant experience and qualifications, you may be given the opportunity to move into management, such as being responsible for health & safety at a regional or group level. Other routes for development include setting up on your own as a consultant or moving into academia to teach or conduct research.

One of the biggest advantages to working in the health, safety and security sector is the variety of industries you can work in. Not only does this mean there are often more positions for you to apply for, but you will also have much more freedom in terms of which health, safety & security employers you work for.

Some of the biggest health, safety and security employers in the UK include construction and chemical companies, engineering firms, hospitals, manufacturing plants and local government. Salaries for health, safety & security jobs can also be a benefit, with average wages running anywhere from £24,000 up to £70,000+ for managerial-level positions.

Working in health, safety & security can be stressful at times, particularly when concerning incidents that can impact a person’s health or safety. The need to work outdoors, often in a variety of different environments, can be difficult at times, as can the necessity to constantly stay up to date with the latest regulations. Health, safety & security employers can be severely punished for failures in health and safety, and therefore there can be a lot of pressure and responsibility attached to health, safety & security jobs.

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