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Your daily routine when working in health & social care will of course depend on the sector you decide to enter. Some of the most common health & social care jobs include social worker, nurse, paramedic, youth worker, residential care worker and counsellor. Regardless of the discipline you choose, you will of course be dealing with people, often at very stressful times of their lives. Being empathetic with those you are caring for will be a huge part of any position you take when working in health & social care, as will the need to have qualifications and experience.

For many positions, health & social care employers will expect you to have attained a qualification in a relevant subject, with many such courses also featuring valuable work experience. Such qualifications will likely include the need for GCSEs, A-Levels and a relevant university degree.

Depending on your qualifications, you may start out as a health assistant before studying to become a nurse, or likewise move from working as a nurse to training to become a doctor. Whilst your personality will go a long way to a successful career in health & social care, and certain assistant-level positions may place an emphasis on experience, for the majority of health & social care jobs in the UK you will be required to have relevant qualifications.

There are many health & social care employers in the UK, and as such there are many opportunities to further your career when working in health & social care. With ever-increasing demands being placed on the industry, the need for well-trained, multi-skilled people is likely to increase, particularly following Brexit and the tighter requirements expected to be placed on non-UK residents.

Experts also believe that the UK’s aging population and the growing importance being placed on health means that both private and non-for-profit sectors will play an increasingly important role in delivering health services in the UK. This is expected to lead to an increase in demand by health & social care employers and the creation of many new health and social care jobs. Postgraduate studies in this sector can also open numerous career opportunities, including high-level roles such as managers, consultants and educators.

Health & social care jobs can be extremely rewarding because you are helping people, often when they are ill and in real need of your skills and expertise. Regardless of your specific position, your actions when working in health & social care will likely have a real impact on a person’s life. Furthermore, you will likely be part of a team, enabling you to develop close and lasting relationships with colleagues.

Variety is another benefit of working in health & social care, with you being able to choose from a wide range of health & social care jobs, many of which will involve routines and tasks that change daily. Finally, with the industry only expected to grow, HR can be a very stable industry to enter, with good long-term prospects and a variety of health & social care employers.

Long hours, shift work and salaries that do not reflect the demands or realities of many health & social care jobs are perhaps some of the most common complaints regarding working in health & social care. Compounding these issues can be the emotional stresses of regularly dealing with sickness and death, as well at times having to patiently handle uncooperative patients and upset or angry family members.

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