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We found 5,247 Insurance Jobs in the UK

The UK insurance industry is the fourth largest insurance industry in the world, with insurance employers directly employing more than 300,000 people in the UK and contributing more than £12 billion to the country’s GDP. As a result, working  in insurance is considered one of the most important and influential sectors of the UK economy, with it therefore considered a reliable and secure industry to enter. Specific insurance jobs in this sector include insurance broker, insurance claims manager, insurance loss adjuster and insurance underwriter.

With the insurance industry being so large, what you will be doing on an everyday basis in insurance jobs will largely depend on what area of insurance you enter. However, general duties when working in insurance are likely to include:

  • Collecting information from clients and assessing their needs and risks
  • Ensuring clients understand their policies, including risk management and liabilities
  • Building and maintaining relationships with clients, underwriters, surveyors, etc
  • Acquiring and retaining new clients

Whilst you do not require a specific degree for working in insurance, degrees in areas such as accounting, finance, business and economics will of course make you more attractive to insurance employers. Furthermore, some of the larger insurance employers require candidates to have a 2:1 degree in a related subject, such as those highlighted above. However, other skills and personal attributes are often also considered just as important for insurance jobs, including excellent customer service skills, being comfortable with numbers and being analytical and organised.

Depending on what level you enter the insurance industry, it is common for individuals to undergo general training and gain a couple of years’ experience before moving into a more specialist position when working in insurance. Insurance employers will often provide very clear progression routes within their business, making it much easier to know what you need to progress when working in insurance.

Salaries vary depending on the sector and what insurance jobs are more attractive to you, but in general will start anywhere between £16,000 – £22,000 before rising to around £30,000 as a qualified broker. Senior brokers/account directors and other similar level positions can pay anywhere between £35,000 – £50,000, with some insurance jobs such as managers and directors earning upwards of £100,000.

There are various advantages to beginning a career in insurance, perhaps none less than the fact that people and businesses will always require insurance, making it incredibly stable long term in terms of insurance employers always wanting staff. Additional benefits to working in insurance include it being a growing market, the opportunity to learn new and transferable skills such as customer support and risk management, and of course a good salary.

With the insurance industry being so competitive, there will of course be pressure for you to perform when working in insurance, be it bringing in new business or achieving preset sales targets. You will likely be considered an ‘expert’ by clients and colleagues from other departments and therefore insurance employers will expect you to stay up to date with new regulations, something that can be time consuming and stressful.

Finally, you will also likely have to deal with disgruntled clients unhappy with an outcome when working in insurance. Dealing with such situations can be extremely stressful, especially if the client has been injured or is the victim of a crime/natural disaster.