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We found 33,019 Management Jobs in the UK

Management jobs in the UK are varied and cover every sector of business, from small start-ups to massive multi-nationals. In general, managers are responsible for overseeing a department or group of employees within an organisation. Working in management is mostly seen as an accomplishment as it highlights your ability to successfully lead and communicate with others, as well as manage multiple operations simultaneously. Because of this, and the many ways managers can contribute to an organisation’s profits, your influence when working in management can be significant.

Management jobs in the UK can involve a wide variety of tasks, none more so than the primary role of ensuring a business/department continues to function effectively. Other areas of focus include hiring/firing/training staff, setting individual/team performance goals, liaising with different groups and instigating/enforcing policies. Because of the many different roles working in management involves, attending meetings and possessing effective time management are also important aspects of being a manager.

Whilst some companies may require a degree in a related subject, such as in business or management, just as many people find themselves working in management because of their experience and natural abilities at being a manager.

Desirable personality traits include the ability to coach and motivate others, being organised, the ability to handle pressure and deal with difficult situations, budgeting skills, effective project management and adaptability and decisiveness. Of course, many managers begin in lower positions and work their way up, often receiving training in some of the above areas as they do so.

If you working in management, then it could be argued that you have already achieved your goal in terms of career prospects. Of course, once you are a manager, and depending on the size and type of organisation, there will likely be further opportunities to progress your career.

Management jobs can include being a regional manager, as well as executive-level positions such as managing director and CEO.  Management jobs are found in most departments of a business, including everything from general manager and IT manager to being a sales manager or health & safety manager.

There are obviously various advantages to working in management and being a manager apart from being in charge and able to tell people what to do. Firstly, there is your salary. With greater responsibility comes greater wages, and therefore if you are working in management you will likely also be the highest paid member of it.

Self-worth is another advantage of being a manager, with the title, increased salary and added responsibilities all a reflection of your importance to the company. Finally, the authority you will have management jobs means that you will have a very real opportunity to change how a company operates, and to a large extent whether it is successful or not.

The cons of management jobs are often the same as the advantages. For example, being a manager means that if things go wrong, it will be you that takes the blame. Furthermore, management jobs can be quite lonely in that employees under you may see you first as a boss rather than a colleague or friend. The competitive nature of working in management can also be stressful, with long hours and the fact you are always ‘on the job’ also putting some people off being a manager.