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Whilst marketing, pr & creative jobs have traditionally been separate sectors of the creative industry, necessity and overlapping skill sets mean that many such agencies and departments are now offering services covering both areas. Essentially, PR focuses on promoting a company rather than a specific product, as well as protecting the company/brand during times of crisis, such as negative media coverage.

Meanwhile, marketing tends to focus on selling a specific product/range of products to increase revenue. All marketing, pr & creative jobs involve creative processes, such as writing copy, and planning campaigns. In addition to working for a company or agency, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of marketing professionals operate on a freelance basis, with many marketing, pr & creative employers using these individuals.

Obvious qualifications for marketing, pr & creative jobs include degrees in marketing, advertising, PR, media and journalism, with these showing prospective employees that you have an obvious interest in the industry as well as a working knowledge of core practices.

Regardless of whether you have a degree or not, marketing, pr & creative employers will also want to see evidence of certain skill sets, including commercial awareness, creativity, confidence, innovation, imagination, strong written and oral communication and the ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.

With marketing, pr & creative jobs being so demanding, there will often be many opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. Whilst structured, time-served promotion routes do exist, you can be just as likely to be promoted for your own abilities rather than simply how long you have been working in marketing, pr & creative.

Often starting off as a junior, progression includes going on to becoming an account manager, senior account manager and then account director. Salaries for marketing, pr & creative employers jobs vary depending on the industry and organisation, but in general start around £23,000 for a junior and rise to £55,000 upwards for an account director.

If you enjoy thinking creatively and working in dynamic, pressurised environments, working in marketing, pr & creative may be the ideal career for you. Other advantages to working in marketing, pr & creative employers include opportunities for travel, being part of a growing and dynamic industry, opportunities to work with famous brands and the ever-increasing availability of working freelance or from home.

Working in marketing, pr & creative can be stressful at times due to the high workloads and pressures involved. Marketing, pr & creative employers jobs can be very demanding due to client requirements and an often industry standard insistence for instant results. With marketing, pr & creative employers driven by results and client satisfaction, competition to attract and retain clients is usually high, and will therefore feature long working hours and the need to be able to handle criticism.

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