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Oil, gas & energy jobs cover a variety of roles, sectors and locations. From offshore positions such as engineers working on oil rigs, to more traditional office-based roles such as accounting, there is almost no end to the type of roles offered by oil, gas & energy employers. Because of the nature of the industry, many oil, gas & energy jobs centre around engineering, with popular positions including drilling engineer, geologist, geochemist, mining engineer and surveyor.

Whilst the traditional view of working in oil, gas & energy is that of being offshore, the reality is that approximately 90% of all roil, gas and energy jobs are based onshore. Offshore positions do of course exist, often consisting of shift work featuring a two/three week on one/two week off pattern.

What qualifications you need will obviously depend on the oil, gas and energy job you wish to have. Qualifications are important, with many large oil, gas & energy employers offering trainee programs for university graduates. For engineering and other specialist oil, gas & energy jobs,  degrees in areas such as engineering, chemistry and physics are important. Additional abilities that are desirable by oil, gas & energy employers include language skills because of the opportunity/need for travel overseas, as well as problem solving, patience and good communication.

Industry studies show the number of oil, gas & energy jobs are expected to remain steady and increase, thereby making it an attractive sector to move into in terms of long-term stability. Whilst salaries are obviously dependent on the position you take, wages are generally good, making it a rewarding career choice for many. In general, the industry and oil, gas & energy employers are very dynamic, with new oil, gas and energy jobs being created all the time, particularly in engineering, design and IT.

There are numerous benefits to working in the oil, gas & energy industry. Firstly, the industry is global, meaning oil, gas and energy employers can be found around the world and so there can be regular opportunities to travel internationally. Secondly, salaries are generally very good, particularly in-demand positions such as drilling engineers, field engineers, pipeline operators and geoscientists.

Green energy as a sector has huge potential, creating many exciting new oil, gas and energy jobs. Furthermore, a rather unique aspect to salaries in this industry is that they are tied-in to oil prices, meaning if the price of oil rises, so do salaries. Other pros to working in oil, gas & energy include long-term job stability and opportunities for promotion and personal development.

Some of the main complaints of people working in oil, gas & energy include the possibility of dangerous environments and handling hazardous materials. The need for shift work and having to work away from home/family for weeks at a time are other disadvantages of certain oil, gas and energy jobs, whilst heavy workloads and stressful deadliness by oil, gas & energy employers are also characteristics of working in oil, gas and energy.

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