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We found 1,588 Pharmaceutical Jobs in the UK

The UK pharmaceutical industry is considered one of the strongest in the world, with all the biggest global players continuing to invest. With approximately 645 enterprises involved in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products here in the UK, and directly employing approximately 75,000 people, the industry continues to be a major recruiter. With global forecasts predicting growth to stay around 10% annually for the next decade, the pharmaceutical industry offers great potential for those looking for long-term employment and career progression.

As you can imagine with such a diverse and dynamic industry, there is a huge variety of pharmaceutical jobs available, including manufacturing & supply, medical sales, research and clinical trials. Pharmaceutical jobs are often centred around large towns and cities, with working environments often laboratories, offices and clinics.

Daily work can be fast paced, but also tightly regulated in terms of having to follow very specific manufacturing procedures. You will often be working as part of a team and likely be given numerous opportunities to gain further qualifications and professional skill sets.

What experience and qualifications you will need are dependent on the pharmaceutical job you take, with some roles such as process operator, providing full training. However, for most positions, particularly higher-level ones, a degree will be required, mostly in the areas of science, technology or engineering.

Postgraduate qualifications are also highly valued and again can often be a prerequisite for working in many pharmaceutical positions. Additional useful traits include problem-solving skills, an attention to detail and organisational and project management abilities.

The UK government and all major global players continue to invest in the UK pharmaceutical industry, clearly demonstrating its importance and potential. With UK and global populations continuing to age, sectors such as advanced therapy, medicines and medical devices are expected to see a continued boom. Salaries in the pharmaceutical industry continue to rise, ranging from around £24,000 to more than £100,000 for some pharmaceutical jobs.

One of the biggest advantages to working in the pharmaceutical industry is of course the fact that you are helping to improve and even save lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that you could be helping people across the entire world. In addition to job satisfaction, other benefits include good wages, long-term job stability, strong pension plans and regular bonuses. Many of the biggest employers in the pharmaceutical industry have offices all over the world, opening up the possibility for international travel and relocating overseas for certain pharmaceutical jobs.

Large pharmaceutical companies are often seen as being rather conservative in terms of their working conditions and culture. Depending on the pharmaceutical job you take, your daily routine could also be rigid, with your skills focused on a very small and specific part of a larger process and therefore providing little opportunity for creativity or variety. Finally, size can also be an issue, with most of the biggest players in the pharmaceutical industry being large, global entities with many management levels, and which can ultimately make decision making and career progression slow.