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We found 1,109 Public Sector, Government & Emergency Services Jobs in the UK

Government and emergency jobs all fall under the category of public sector positions. According to national statistics, 16.5% (5.42 million people) of the UK’s workforce were working in the public sector,  government & emergency services in 2019. This huge sector covers everything from emergency services and education to health care and social housing. As such, there are in general many public sector, government & emergency services jobs to choose from.

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With public sector, government & emergency service jobs covering such a wide spectrum of sectors, there is an almost limitless number of different positions you could fill. For example, healthcare is a huge sector, with most workers employed by the NHS. Law enforcement and security are also very diverse sectors, covering areas including the armed forces and the police . Social care and education also fall under the public sector umbrella, further highlighting the wide choice of public sector, government & emergency services jobs and environments to work in.

The qualifications and experience you need if working in the public sector and government & emergency services will largely depend on what role and sector you are looking to enter. For example, health & social care are two areas in which professional qualifications are often required, whilst emergency services roles generally place more emphasis on personal skill sets. One aspect that does connect public sector, government & emergency services jobs, and one that prospective employers will look for you to have, is a desire to serve the public and help improve UK society.

With more than five million people working in the UK public sector and government & emergency services sector, including more than 500,000 civil servants, more and more individuals are choosing a career in public service. One reason why public sector, government & emergency services jobs are appealing is that long-term prospects in public sector positions are generally much more stable that in the private sector.

Furthermore, local and national authorities are modernising by providing employees more opportunities to switch public sector careers during their employment, as well as enabling more people to study for professional career development qualifications and continue working in public sector, government & emergency services.

There are many different benefits to working in the government, emergency services and general public sector. In addition to the feelings of self-worth and social value you get from such positions, the public sector can also provide some excellent employment benefits. Benefits to public sector, government & emergency services jobs include good healthcare, maternity and pension packages, as well as excellent working conditions, long-term job stability and positive promotion prospects.

The public sector often moves much slower than the private sector, meaning it can take much longer to adopt new technology and practices. Furthermore, public sector, government and emergency services salaries are generally lower than in the private sector, particularly for new employees.

Because of the long-term stability of many public sector and government & emergency services jobs, people often stay in their positions for much longer than they would in the private sector, meaning career progression can take much longer. Government budget restraints and increasing job scope and duties can also be issues for many in this sector.