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So what does a purchasing & procurement job involve? Jobs in purchasing & procurement can be varied and exciting, and whilst differences exit according to the industry and sector you enter, there are some general responsibilities that you will likely be expected to fulfil. Such roles can include:

  • Sourcing suppliers and handing negotiations
  • Reviewing products/services/stock
  • Ensuring deliveries are on time and to required standards
  • Using sales reports to make future predictions

There are a number of skills and formal qualifications that will benefit you when looking for jobs in purchasing & procurement. In terms of formal qualifications favoured by employers in purchasing and procurement , the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply offers a variety of diplomas that provide the skills and knowledge needed to work in purchasing and procurement and which are seen as being the industry standards. Personal attributes that are useful include:

  • Good organisational skills, including time management
  • Confident communicator and negotiator
  • Works well under pressure
  • Excellent people and team working skills

Purchasing & procurement job prospects are good, both in terms of an increase in new positions being formed and opportunities to advance. The dynamics of the industry are expected to change as e-procurement systems become more popular with purchasing & procurement employers, meaning future positions may focus on using the information these e-procurement systems will provide, as well as the need for third-party procurement specialists familiar with these systems.

Entry-level purchasing & procurement jobs, such as purchasing assistant and assistant buyer tend to pay around £20,000, with this rising slightly for graduates. Purchasing officer positions with purchasing & procurement employers pay around £28,000, with this moving to anything from £46,000 upwards for purchasing manager and senior professionals.

There are a number of advantages to working for purchasing & procurement employers, particularly inn e-procurement, which is widely considered to be the future of the industry. The responsibility given to you is another positive in this area, with it being one of only a few sectors in which you are given the opportunity to take complete charge of a project – allowing you to show what you can do. If you show promise, long-term career prospects are good, with clear and often lucrative routes of progression available.

The disadvantages to working in purchasing & procurement include the high level of responsibility you will be given, meaning if anything goes wrong its likely you who will be blamed. You may need to travel often, including overseas and trade shows. Other issues related to purchasing & procurement jobs include having to deal with and get along with many different groups of people, long working hours, demanding purchasing & procurement employers and hectic schedules.

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