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We found 25,128 Sales Jobs in the UK

Despite huge changes in the industry, particularly the shift to online sales, companies in many sectors continue to recruit many people for their sales departments. Sales jobs can be found in every industry, and as such there are often many opportunities for work. Depending on your interests and the sector you enter, you could be selling anything from medical equipment and holidays to homes or cars. The total value of retail sales in the UK in 2019 was £394 billion.

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With such a variety of sales employers hiring , daily duties will of course differ. Sales jobs are often dynamic, requiring you to work hard and be able to accept regular rejection. Some sales jobs can feature the need to travel, nationally or internationally, as well often having to visit clients at their places of work. You may be expected to work predominantly on the telephone, or deal with customers face to face, as well become an expert in the item/service you are selling.

Most sales jobs will not require a specific qualification unless you are looking to enter a very specific sector such as medical equipment or Information Technology, in which case having a related university degree will certainly improve your chances of being hired. Sales employers will generally place an emphasis on your personality and aptitude, putting importance on communication skills, how you present yourself and having determination and initiative.

With there being so many sales positions available, career prospects for someone who shows real ability and drive can be very good. Furthermore, the skills you learn can often be easily transferred to another sales employer or sector, meaning you will have much more choice and flexibility in terms of the positions available. Many sales positions feature sales target bonuses, often uncapped, which can make a real difference to your salaries, as well as reflecting the effort you put in.

Sales jobs can be dynamic and very rewarding. If you work in sales, you will likely have the opportunity to meet many different people and places, as well as gain skills that can be easily transferable to other sectors. Earning potential in many positions is only dependent on how successful you are, with top sales employees often making the move into higher management.v

With sales positions often so dependent on reaching certain targets, positions can become quite demanding and stressful. The need to reach such targets can be compounded by low basic salaries, particularly when starting out. Constantly dealing with rejection, the need to travel and always having to be nice to customers are other negative issues that come up in regards to working in sales.