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With such a large selection of working environments, jobs in transport & logistics can be incredibly varied, from aircraft cabin crew to logistical planning in an office. Deadlines and the need for safety can be found across many of the sectors, which can create demanding, high-pressurised working environments. Many jobs in transport & logistics will involve working closely with the general public, whilst others will be centred around the operation of large, expensive equipment. Because of the nature of transport, particularly when on a global scale, shift work, unsociable hours and the need for travel can exist, with many employers in transport & logistics requiring this from prospective employees.

The experience and qualifications you will need to get a job in transport & logistics will obviously depend on the type of role you are looking at. For many positions, degrees or further education will not be required, whilst other positions will require specialist training, some of which can take many years to gain. Many jobs in transport & logistics will have their own industry-standard qualifications, such as for pilots, and which need to be renewed on a regular basis. Desirable skill sets sought by employers in transport & logistics include IT literacy, excellent communication and customer service abilities, commercial awareness and problem-solving skills.

With such importance placed on this sector and the variety of sectors available, long-term career prospects for jobs in transport & logistics are good. Skills can be easily transferred to different transport and logistics employers and roles, while the abundance of professional body qualifications ensures personal development is there for those wanting it. Salaries are of course varied and will depend on the transport & logistics jobs and industry you choose. Whilst wages can start low for entry-level positions, in general, mid-level and upwards positions pay well, with many employers in transport & logistics providing good additional benefits, including private healthcare and industry discounts.

The advantages to working in transport & logistics include the possibility of international travel. With the industry becoming increasingly important, short-term and long-term career prospects continue to improve with employers in transport & logistics keen to keep hold of skilled workers. Jobs in transport and logistics can be found throughout the country; with the skills you learn being easily transferable. Other benefits to working in transport & logistics include opportunities to gain new skills and good prospects for promotion.

There can be negative issues to working in transport & logistics. Firstly, the need to travel can be a problem for some, as can the presence of tight, stressful deadlines in many roles. For some positions, there may be the need to work shifts, as well as unsociable hours such as evenings and weekends. Whilst starting salaries for jobs in transport & logistics can be lower than in other sectors, in general they do rise as more experience and responsibilities are gained.

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