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Travel & tourism are two of the fastest growing employment sectors in the UK, with estimates being travel & tourism jobs now account for nearly 12% of all new jobs created. This means travel & tourism employers now account for the fifth largest sector in the UK in terms of GDP contribution, and moving ahead of traditional sectors such as finance. The UK is now the seventh most popular tourist destination in the world, with almost 40 million people visiting every year and contributing around £231 billion to the UK’s GDP.

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With such a variety of travel & tourism jobs and locations available, what you will be doing on a day-to-day basis will of course depend on which area you decide to work in. In general, you will likely be involved in the holiday market, meaning you could be responsible for anything from helping customers plan their holiday to assisting travel companies source the best destinations and accommodation. Many travel & tourism jobs involve dealing with customers, as well as the need to handle paperwork such as passports and visas . Work in travel &tourism is often varied and rewarding, but may also involve relocating and working unsociable hours, such as weekends and holidays.

Many starting jobs in travel & tourism do not require any formal education qualifications. As such, travel & tourism employers in this sector often place greater emphasis on the skill sets of an individual, such as team working, communication and problem solving. However, as the industry continues to grow, various formal qualifications have become available which will undoubtedly improve your chances of employment and career development in this industry. Such courses include travel & tourism degrees, as well as others in hospitality and hotel management. Speaking a foreign language can also be a huge advantage, particularly popular European languages such as French, German and Spanish.

With travel and tourism employers continuing to show strong growth, long-term prospects for a career in travel and tourism in the UK are good. Location wise, you will often have the choice of working in towns or cities, as well as there being opportunities for overseas travel. The skills you learn can be easily transferable to other travel & tourism employers and sectors, whilst the presence of formal qualifications means you will have many opportunities to develop professionally. Salaries will obviously depend on the role , but in general, hotel managers can expect to earn anything between £20,000 – £50,000, with restaurant managers earning between £18,000 – £40,000 and travel agents anything from £13,000 – £35,000.

With positions in this sector often dynamic and exciting, there can be many benefits to working in travel & tourism. Such advantages include the opportunities to travel and learn about new countries and cultures, as well as meeting and helping people. Long-term job stability in most areas is good, as are opportunities for promotion and career development, with many travel and tourism employers continuing to show good growth. It is likely that no two days will ever be the same, and this, combined with the excitement of helping people and having to solve often interesting challenges, can make working in travel and tourism a very rewarding career choice.

As you can imagine, there are of course some negative issues regarding taking a job in travel and tourism. Many people can find dealing with customers difficult, and this can sometimes be compounded by the fact that you may be working in a holiday destination where everyone is having fun except you! Other issues can include some roles requiring you to be ‘on’ duty 24/7, the need to relocate to other locations/countries, demanding travel and tourism employers and working shifts and other unsociable hours.