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Warehousing & distribution jobs are varied, with daily tasks including operating machinery, stock taking, using automated computerised systems and liaising with customers and suppliers. Whilst most positions will often involve working in a warehouse, office-based duties and mobile work are also common.

Technology continues to be a huge part of many warehousing and distributing processes, and as such many roles now revolve around the use of such technology. With many parts of the industry operating 24/7,  employers in warehousing & distribution often require staff to work shifts, as well as weekends and other unsociable hours. Working hours can also be busier during certain high seasons, such as Christmas.

Entry-level warehousing & distribution jobs generally do not require any formal qualifications or experience and can often be entered straight from school or from a completely different sector of work. Many employers in warehousing & distribution provide full training, including the gaining of professional qualifications, such as a fork-lift driving licence. However, some higher positions may require a degree in the absence of any experience. Regarding personal attributes, employers seek the following:

  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Numeracy and an understanding of stock management
  • Willingness to learn new skills, including operating machinery and computer management systems
  • Team-working skills
  • Accuracy and an attention to detail

Promotion and progress in warehousing & distribution jobs are generally dependent on a person’s own abilities and hard work. Typical senior positions include team leader and warehouse manager, as well as there being opportunities to enter other areas, such as logistics and supply chain management. Technology is expected to play a large role in this sector in the future, as such, candidates with knowledge, training and understanding are likely to become more desirable to employers.

Employers in warehousing & distribution jobs can often be varied, with many people liking the responsibility they are provided, particularly regarding the operation of expensive equipment.  Warehousing & distribution jobs enable you to work with people from different walks of life and operate as part of a team. Working at a fast pace and achieving set targets can also be rewarding, as can the flexibility of often being able to choose when you work, as well as frequent opportunities for overtime and learning new and transferable skills.

One of the most common complaints about working for employers in warehousing and distribution is that jobs can often be quite unstable from a long-term point of view, with companies often hiring and firing employees with little warning. Daily duties can often be repetitive, particularly for warehouse work, and this can become an issue for some after time. Salaries are often low and take a long time to improve, whilst the need to work shifts, including nights and weekends is also common in this sector.

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