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70 7.5 Ton Driver Jobs Found

Working as a 7.5 ton driver can be an excellent career choice. This is because the role can offer good wages, opportunities for overtime and excellent long-term stability. The logistics industry in the UK continues to thrive, with an estimated 1 in 12 people working in the sector. Truck drivers are an essential part of the UK logistics chain, with over 400,000 Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) registered in the country. 7.5 ton trucks are used for a variety of purposes, with their versatility and reliability making them popular in numerous sectors, including agriculture, courier and emergency services.

The UK logistics industry continues to highlight a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK, with an increasing number of 7.5 ton driver employers looking for qualified candidates. Read on to learn more about what you need to be successful in this role and what qualifications and experience is required.

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There are often many 7.5 ton driver jobs available to qualified candidates. These positions can be found across a wide rage of industries. However, whilst some differences in duties may exist, in general, working as a 7.5 ton driver will be the same regardless of what sector you are in. Obviously, the role involves driving a large truck to one or multiple destinations. Such deliveries can be either domestic or international, or both.

In addition to driving and being responsible for the vehicle and goods being transported, there are also a number of other duties that 7.5 ton driver employers will expect of you. These include completing all relevant paperwork, including log books and collecting delivery receipts and signatures. 7.5 ton driver jobs will also involve meeting different people, meaning you will be expected to serve as an ambassador for the company you are working for.

There are no formal higher education requirements for 7.5 ton driver jobs. However, there are driving license requirements that depend on when you got your driver’s license. If you received your driving license before 1997, you are able to drive 7.5 ton trucks without the need to pass a further test. However, if you passed your test after the start of 1997, 7-ton driver employers will require you to take an additional C1 driving test.

Regardless of when you passed your driving test, those working as a 7 ton driver are also required by law to complete 35 hours of driving training every 5-years. In terms of skill sets, 7.5 ton driver jobs are suitable for those who enjoy driving, working alone and who have good time-management skills.

People working as a 7.5 ton driver often have good career prospects. Firstly, with the industry continuing to show strong growth, there are often many 7.5 ton driving jobs available. This will give you greater freedom in terms of being able to choose where and when you work. Furthermore, these positions often feature many opportunities to work overtime, allowing you to further increase your salary.

Regarding career progression, there may be opportunities to take a more office-based role, such as within a logistics department. Other opportunities to further your career include moving into supervisor and management roles, working as an independent truck driver and even starting up your own haulage firm.

There are a number of pros and cons regarding working as a 7.5 ton driver. The role can be demanding, with you often required to meet tight daily schedules. Furthermore, driving can become quite stressful at times, particularly during rush hour and in busy, built-up areas. 7. 5 ton driver jobs may also mean you being away from home for periods of time, as well as the possible need to work unsociable hours, including nights and weekends. Lastly, working as a 7.5 ton driver can be quite lonely, which can be difficult for people who enjoy working as part of a close team.

Regarding the benefits of 7.5 ton driver jobs, there are many. Firstly, the role offers strong long-term stability, with an increasing number of 7 ton driver employers and jobs appearing. Next, salaries are generally strong, paying an average hourly rate of nearly £11. Salaries can also rise with experience, whilst taking on new routes and working overtime will also help increase your wages. Many people working as a 7.5 ton driver are also attracted by the idea of working alone, whilst the greater freedom to choose working hours is also appealing to some.