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Working as a chef de partie involves taking charge of a specific section of a busy kitchen. This means being involved in every aspect of this section, from stock taking and ordering to preparing, cooking and presenting dishes. You will be working as part of a very close team and may be required to train more junior members at times. Daily duties will likely be varied, and you will often be working under lots of pressure to deliver food on time and of good quality. Other general duties expected by chef de partie employers include:

  • Helping senior chefs develop new dishes and menus
  • Ensuring your department is always clean and producing high-quality dishes
  • Monitoring stock and portion sizes to ensure profit margins are always met

There are a variety of different routes you can take to become a chef de partie. One of the most popular ways is to take an apprenticeship in a kitchen whilst studying for a relevant NVQ or SVQ. Other people working as a chef de partie do so after studying at college. Popular qualifications that can help you enter this sector include diplomas or BTECs in hospitality & catering or professional cookery.

In general, most chef de partie jobs will require you to be fully qualified and have at least three or four years of experience as a commis chef in a busy kitchen. In addition to qualifications, chef de partie employers will look for candidates with the following traits:

  • Excellent cooking skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to delegate tasks to others
  • Organised, hard working and able to multi-task
  • Basic understanding of kitchen business models, such as cost/profit margins

Chef de partie jobs can provide excellent career opportunities for those with a passion for cooking. The role is seen as the first step into more senior-level positions in the industry. Therefore, once you prove yourself in the role and gain some years of experience, you will be able to apply for higher positions such as sous chef and head chef. The industry continues to grow, and there are often many opportunities for qualified trained chefs to progress.

There are many pros and cons to working as a chef de partie. The role is a natural progression for people wanting to become a professional chef. You will be given more responsibilities and the opportunity to show others your cooking, organising and managerial abilities. You will also learn new skills that can be easily transferrable to other roles.

However, chef de partie jobs can also be very demanding. You will be working in a busy environment, which may also include the need to work unsociable hours, including nights and weekends. Starting salaries can be low, beginning around £18,000 or less. On average, chef de partie employers pay approximately £23,000, with this rising to roughly £30,000 once you have gained experience.

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