3,264 Class 1 Driver Jobs in the UK

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Working as a class 1 driver will often involve making deliveries to one or multiple destinations. Your driving route could be local, national or even international. You may be expected to work nights, weekends and Bank Holidays, including the possible need to stay overnight at certain destinations. In addition to driving a truck, you will be responsible for the safe transportation of the goods you are delivering.

Other common duties associated with class 1 driver jobs include:

  • Ensuring logbooks and other records are kept up to date and accurate
  • Driving safely and ensuring all associated regulations are adhered to
  • Acting in a professional and friendly whilst working
  • Making sure goods are loaded and unloaded in a secure and safe way

Class 1 driver employers will require you to have a relevant driving licence. Known as the C1 driving certificate, all LGV drivers at this level are required to have it. Furthermore, you will be required to undertake 35 hours of driving training every five years. Many class 1 driving jobs are entry-level, meaning all you will need is a relevant and up to date C1 licence to apply.

Some employers may require you to have relevant previous experience, particularly if driving long-haul routes. In addition to the appropriate driving license, class 1 driver employers also look for candidates with the following character traits:

  • Excellent driving skills
  • Patience and good time-management skills
  • Understanding of customer service
  • Strong attention to detail and methodical by nature

Class 1 driver jobs can provide good long-term job security, with demand for qualified drivers continuing to be high in the UK. Starting salaries are generally strong, with wages rising as you gain more experience. There will also likely be opportunities to work overtime, which can help to increase your salary even further. Promotion exists in the form of being given responsibility for more important routes and cargo, as well as shift supervisor and management positions. Opportunities may allow you to move in driver training, set up your own delivery business or even more into a completely different area of logistics entirely. Starting salaries for class 1 driver jobs begin around £20,000 – £24,000. This will rise with experience, with senior drivers earning approximately £40,000.

Working as a class 1 driver can provide a stable, interesting career with many opportunities to work overtime. You will likely get to visit many different places and be your own boss in many ways, working alone for large periods of your shift.

However, class 1 driver jobs can also be stressful. You may be driving on busy roads for long periods and this can become tiring and frustrating for some. You may have to drive long distances, as well as work unsociable shifts, including nights, weekends and Bank Holidays. You may have to work to tight deadlines, which can be stressful, as well as ensure all paperwork and logbooks are kept up to date at all times.

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